Palomar College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students body at Palomar are very different but with the same goal to achieve a profession, either by transferring or from a program. All the classes I have taken, friends were made and partners in chemistry class especially made classes easier and friendships were made for future classes.


students at my school? very focused! and social! One of the things I have learned from the students in my school is that they can get along others and have a good communication with new people.


My classmates are very focused and concentrated on their futures.


Most people seem to be here to fullfil requirements so that they can move on to the things they really want to do, and as a result, in many of my classes, there are only a few students who are truly engaged in the classes. Most people are friendly enough.


My classmates are usually friendly and do not judge one another.


They range from young to old, from right out of high school to havent' been in school for 10 years.


they can be nice and considerate but also some can be very rude and distracting.


My classmates at Palomar are very supportive, caring and dedicated, the peers I attend school with have become very important in my college sucess, Ive learned you cannot simply depend on the teacher and a text book, the best study guide and help through classes are the peers surrounding you in school.


Extremely diverse, in terms of age, race, and background; there is someone you can relate to in every class, and the majority of us are motivated towards the same goal: academic success.


Smart intelectuals who know they are making a difference in their lives and the lives around them by making each classes schedule on time.