Palomar College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The Best thing about Palomar College is the variety of classes and certificates that are offered. There are many certificate programs and transferable courses that make earning a degree or certificate more realizable. The broad range of programs and classes, as well as flexible timing, offer each individual the required flexibility to enroll in a class while maintaining other commitments outside of the classroom.


It's character. The character of Palomar College is comprised of many factors: the fact that it is readily accessible via public transportation (in a personal vehicle dominated area), the diversity of its student body (we are a broad range of ages, nationalities and interests), the dedication of it's faculty and staff, and it's quirks (like the fact that we have a Glass Blowing Studio).


The best thing about Palomar College is that the teachers are very good, and willing to help people out with different abilities and or dissabillities to try to bring them to a place of success in their college experience. As far as programs are considered, at Palomar college the DSPS is a program that helps all people with dissabilities to give extra time for tests, to help out taking notes, and offer electrical devices as well that will help people succeed in their classes who have dissabilities. The teachers are willing to help students out individually as well beyond expected.


My school's best quality is its diversity.