Park University Top Questions

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The staff is more than helpful and will set aside time to help you personally, sign up for classes. I have looked at other schools in the area and when I asked for a personal meeting with an academic advisor I was told to show up at 10am on a Thursday. When I showed up I found out that I was to wait in line behind another 1000 students who also wanted to see an academic advisor. Long story short, Park University cares about your personal time and does not mind helping you individually.


It does not make me feel out of place even though I am old enough to be the parent of the majority of the students.


What is unique about Park University is that it is allowing me to complete my Social Psychology degree completely online.


Its small and very ethnically diverse.


Small classes (no more than 30 people to a class.) Friendly faculty and staff that always have the students in mind (especially the student life and housing staff.) Small campus size so you're not another number, but a person. Also, Park also tends to hire professors that have actually worked in the fields they're teaching. So, your professors didn't just get an advanced degree in your subject, but they've also worked in the area and know their stuff. My broadcasting professor actually worked several years on the radio, for example.


Park University gives students the small town atmosphere of Parkville with the large city surrounding it. The eduaction is first rate, but you don't have to worry about being lost in a large auditorium class. My largest class was maybe 40 people.