Park University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Study. Study like every subject you are taking could possibly be your future profession. Especially biology. You're actually very interested in medicine and should probably consider Med School. Care about your first year in college. It sets the whole tone of your college career. Focus on the things that matter about school, but also make friends. They will be there when your life falls apart. They are also ones that complete your wedding party in the future. Dont stress over college boys. You eventually find someone that lights up your life. You may think you're not worth the love of those boys, but they aren't worthy of you. Finally, visit your mom. Like a lot. She loves you more than you will ever understand until you have your own child. She also won't be around forever. Show her the love you feel for her even when you think you know better than her. P.S. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school senior self, I would advise myself on how to deal with people, specifically roommates and teammates. Those are people that you have to spend a lot of time with. Most of them are from different places and different backgrounds. Everyone is raised differently and taught different morals. Sometimes it is extremely challenging to get along with people who don't have the same ideals on how to live as you. The advice I would give to myself before I started college would be not to let little things get to me. I try to be a very considerate person and always look out for others. I have come to realize that not everyone does the same thing, and it often hurts, but it is important to realize they don't do it on purpose. On the other hand, I have come to realize that you cannot let others walk on you and treat you disrespectfully. It is important to stand up for yourself, because we are all adults and should treat each other like so.


So listen up, I know you feel like you have the whole world figured out right now, but let me assure you, you don’t. I know it has felt like it has taken forever to get through high school and that you just want to be free to be an adult. Take it from me, being adult is difficult. Don’t get so caught up that you forget to live and enjoy life, but don’t slack off on your education either. Obstacles will come your way and you will want to give up sometimes. Don’t quit. Keep going. Pursue and complete your education while you are still young. Time will fly by. Before you know it you will be struggling to find your niche while trying to work, raise a family, and go to school. There is so much to do and see, and only a short time to get it all done. If you have the chance to experience new things, try them. There is so much to be gained from venturing out of your comfort zone. Most of all be true to yourself. Never let anyone get in the way of your dreams.


I would not have wasted time drinking as much. I would have applied myself and had the confidence to attend MIT off the bat instead of joing the military out of high school. You never get the lost potential of time back.


If i could go back in time and give myself advice about college I would tell myself not to stress about the little things. Yes, college is tough and it can be scary in a new place with all new people, but there is always someone who will be willing to help you. There will always be someone somewhere you can count on and lean on in hard times. They aren't always easy to find but they're there if you look. I would tell myself that the whole world isn't against me when I am applying for schools and scholarships, they are just making sure I am worth the time. They are making sure i will put in the effort. I would tell myself that I will be happy here.


I would first of all sit down and have a serious talk with myself about the challenges of raising a family, working, and going to school at the same time. I would let myself know how difficult it is to do homework with a crying newborn present. I would also let myself know that going to college right after high school would make going to college an easier transitoin. I would let myself know how much money I could have saved if I had gone to college right away. Had I gone to college right away, I would not have had to take remedial English, math and retake biology. I would really try to drive home the fact that high school and getting good grades does matter. I would also warn myself about the amount of coursework that is involved with getting a degree and to be patient, the degree will come. In the end I would have to admit to myself that I love my current life and I wouldn't change any path I have taken. I would tell myself to live the way you feel is right and fate will take you to where you belong.


I would tell myself to take school more seriously. It's a major part of life and a major part of your future. Getting into a good college relies on you making the effort to get good grades and graduate high school with a decent GPA. Public and Ivy league universities do not accept high school graduates with a low GPA. Your choice of major is also a serious decision. An art major may not have as bright a future as someone majoring in computers or business management. I know this because I once tried to make a career out of art - it's great to have as a hobby, but as far as paying the bills, you will need something better with greater return. Finally, set goals for yourself. Short-term, long-term, doesn't matter. Just have a goal and strive to do the best at it. When you achieve it, set another goal, and another, until you have finally reached a place in life where you are satisfied.


When I was in High school I was intelligent kid that never really tried. If I had the opportunity to go back in time I would tell myself to try. I would have over a 3.5 GPA if I just tried my freshmen year. I was the kid that showed up to class and pay attention but never took any notes. When I’m in the past I would use money as an incentive to get me to try and tell myself you are in class you might as well take the notes. I have missed a couple of scholarships just because of my freshmen year of college just due to the fact I didn’t take notes or try. The abilities I have learned in the last two years have caused me to grow as person and as a student. If I would have started trying earlier I would have better GPA more scholarships and classes would become easier. I believe this simple explanation would adequate information to change my ways and the fact that it’s me talking to myself in the past wouldn’t hurt either.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self I would tell myself to stay focused and finish school. I would also tell myself to not let anyone or anything get you off track, other things may look better from the other side, but the grass is not always greener.


If it were not against the known laws of physics and I could go back in time and communicate with myself at approximately my senior year of high school I would probably have many things to say regarding my acquired knowledge and experience of the college life but the most important advise I could give myself on the subject would be to never doubt myself. Going into college I did not privilege myself with confidence in my academic capabilities because I was afraid that I would never be good enough or that I wouldn’t be able to try hard enough and thus I would fail. I’ve learned that college isn’t that scary unless you make it that way; if you want to succeed you’ll find the will to do it. Times spent in fear of failure is time wasted when you could be doing your best as a student and enjoying the overall college experience. So if given the opportunity I’d look into my eyes and say “Self, I can’t say you will succeed in all your endeavors but the potential to do so is within you if only you can overcome your doubt”.


Don't worry about drama, or your friends, or your boyfriends. Boys are not the focus of your life, and they shouldn't be. Worry about yourself, your schooling, and being happy. Do what makes you happy, don't do what makes others happy. Never be afraid to question everything, and always think for yourself.


Take advantage of the fact that you can take college classes and get both college and high school credit. Spend more time focusing on school and saving your money to help pay for school rather than pay someone else's bills. Follow the advice of your parents and accept their assistance. Sometimes it shows that you are stronger when you ask for help than trying to do it on your own.


Knowining what I know now about college and life, I would of told myself to not to go into the Active Duty Army. Instead, I should of joined the Army Reserve and continued my college education. Another major thing I would of done different is statring a family at 20 years old. Now that I'm finally back in school, it's even tougher with two kids under the age of 4. I have a daycare expense that is close to a house payment. It also makes me feel guilty that instead of spending time with my children, I'm on my desk doing homework. Having a career before a family would of been the right thing to do.


Dear Self, Sit back and relax. Enjoy the process of each class and do not think too far ahead in career or life planning. You want to be a teacher? Just be one. Do not think about all the possible obstacles because you'll think yourself into not following through. Also, read your assignments. You have a gift of critical thinking and if you don't read, you will never realize this. Do not buy Cliffnotes! These are other peoples' interpretations of the text and trust me--you'll have your own interpretations. But you have to do the work to reap the rewards. Oh and definitely keep developing your writing skills (especially in poetry). Ever thought about writing memoir?? Look into it. And last but not least, keep smiling. You'll get there so enjoy the process.


I would choose to not give my high school self any advice. I think that the challenges I overcame during the high school to college transition have made me stronger. I am 100% satisfied with the choices I have made feel that I am living the life that was intended for me. I could not imagine my life being any better by making different decisions. My experiences at Park University have truely enhanced my life and given me a drive to achieve my dream of being a teacher.


I have gained skills and tools to use in the classroom to add to the fourteen years experience I already have. The changing of the educational system and educational technology has been drastic over recent years and the knowledge I have attained in continuing my education will enable me to be a better teacher. The value of knowledge and additional skills will be the greatest benefit to my seeking my Bachelor's of Science Degree because I will be well prepared to serve students with Special Needs and their families to attain the complete education they deserve. I am personally fulfilled by helping student and their families become successful through their schooling process and it is my dream to be able to serve them by furthering my education. The more I learn and aquire resources and tools, the greater service I will be to students, families, and the community.


From my college experience I have gained a larger sense of accomplishment and responsibility to myself and the world. As a Social Work Major I have taken many courses that have taught me to look more broadly at the whole situations versus the specific incidences that have happened and through this ability of looking "outside the box" I have advanced in my people skills and strive for an even harder work ethic. Also from the former and current social workers who are teachers as well I have gained a sense of duty to my community because they have provided me a way to relate to everyone and see that circumstances can change anyone's life. School has taught me that gaining a degree is important to getting in to a desired work field but personal repsonsibility and desire is what keeps a person within that field and both are necessary to achieve in life.


It is tremendously important for me to graduate from college. I am a single mother, I work full time, and attend school full time. In order for me to support my son and myself and make a better life for the both of us, I feel it is extremely important to graduate with a bachelor's degree in Registered Nursing. I have learned and grown so much, because of my college career. I am not only learning the important things in the classroom, but I am also learning how to be a stronger, more independent person. I am showing my son the importance of an education and that with hard work and the strength to persevere, he can accomplish anything he puts his mind to. With each passing class, I become more secure in myself and proud of myself for my recent accomplishments. I feel that nothing can stop me now and I will not stop until I get what I am working so hard for. My education and time with my family.


The most important thing that I have learned from my college experience is how to manage both time and money. It's not easy trying to pay for college, and it's been extremely stressful every single day, but the education that I have received makes it all worth it. Being in a private school atmosphere I am able to connect one-on-one with my professors and I feel knowing each of them individually has helped me to learn better by asking questions and seeking more knowledge. The wide variety of nationalities at this university has also opened me up to so many different cultures and ways of life. I feel that I am a more well-rounded individual because of it. I have learned so much about myself as well, as I have noticed how much my family really means to me and how each day would be impossible to get through without the help of each of them.


I attend Suffolk county community collage for 2 years and graduated with my associates degree. Thanks to Suffolk I realized what I wanted to do with my life and what I wanted out of this world but at the same time I gained a new understanding witch did not come from the collage itself but from the students that attended and the professors that taught there. I learned that in order to be successful does not take good grades alone that you need to get up and be active in the world because is is changing and if you don't keep up with it you will be washed away in the wave of change and I want to be one of the people riding the wave to the future. Thats what collage has taught me


I have received a wealth of knowledge and experiences from my college experiences. College is not just a place to learn, but alos a place to grow and make life long friends. College is the first place that I learned that I can continue to serve my community by teach a new generation of students. President Obama's goals of getting college students to realize that they are the immediate future. I look forward to using those skills to continue to serve my community. As a veteran of the United States Air Force, I understand the impact that an education can have on a nation. I thank Park University for providing me with the opportunity to gain new skills to strenghten the training that I received in the United States Air Force. It is a pleasure to serve my community and country men and women. I currently work for the United States Veterans Administration. It is my pleasure to continue to serve veterans, civillians, and armed forces members. Our countries educational values and quest for knowledge and justice give every U.S. citizen the chance to pursue life, liberty and happiness.


College is much more than just an educational experience. It is also considered a life experience in my opinion. I say that because my eyes were opened when I first went off to college. It was a whole new world for someone like me that was not familiar with the city life. It was exciting, adventurous, weird, and a little on the scary side. Unfamiliar people in an unfamiliar world. That changed quickley to life long friends and unforgettable experiences that can only be found on the college campus. The educational experience was great, but there is much more to college than listening to lectures, doing homework and taking tests, although those that be experiences in themselves...staying up all night craming for an exam with 5 other friends that look as desparate as you do comes to mind. I suppose in the end the college experience is valuable for not only growth of the mind, but also the heart and soul. Our life experiences are what helps to define who we are and there is no better place to have such an experience than college.


Attending Park University has allowed me to experience independence, self-accountability and self-realization. Being a part of a diverse student body allowed me to find my comfort zone, address my personal dilemmas and ultimately step out completely out of my box and open myself up to people. I learned to appreciate people for their personalities, beliefs, funny habits, cultural backgrounds and most importantly thier convictions. Many of those same elements about myself changed in my college experience as well. The acadamic workload forced me to be accountable, creative and dedicated to the academic process as well as be ready for the endless oppurtunities that would be available to me if i strove for my personal best. Being a part of a school and living on campus gives you a feeling of pride and belonging to something bigger and more important than myself. I've made lifelong friends who have stuck by me good and bad and I have been very blessed to establish a network of incredible individuals in various countries who show support and continually strive for their own successes sharing them with our Park Community along the way.


My college experience has given me many opportunities to grow as a person by providing leadership opportunities. I have always enjoyed being involved, but have hesitated to take on leadership positions. Park has many clubs and organizations that I became involved in. One in particular is the Student Ambassador Program; the president gave me a tour of the campus and was always available if I needed help. She gave me advice about classes and discussed with me the traits of being a good leader. As a result, I am now the President and Vice president of many clubs. This gave me confidence to pursue other positions of leadership and I in return have encouraged others to do the same. The lessons I have learned have translated to other aspects in school. I am no longer afraid of raising my hand, asking for clarification or being team leader. This self-assurance carried into my career because I am poised and focused at Career fairs and with campus recruiters. I believe my college experience has changed my life by instilling confidence and allowing me the opportunity to put the skills I have learned to use.


I am sad to say that I came from a sheltered, semi-racist town. I myself did not partake in any racist behavior or thoughts, but I certainly was not educated about other cultures in my small town of Caucasians. After high school, I came to Park University where I quickly became a minority. It was a complete culture shock to see that many different ethnicities on one campus! I was very uncomfortable at first, however, I quickly made friends with many different people and soon learned a lot about other cultures! Being at Park has seriously opened my eyes to other cultures and has made me a lot more open to other things. Because of Park, I am now wanting to teach Elementary in an inner-city school, whereas before I do not believe I would have ever chosen that route. This school has given me a second chance at opening myself up to the world, and has given me a new path. It has also gotten me excited to learn. I absolutely hated school before coming to college, but now I have great attendance, and thoroughly enjoy learning because I know someday, my knowledge will better another child.


College experiences are necessary, whether they are positive or negative, they help students to grow and mature to further on become the person they were truely meant to be. The College Experience, sadly, isn't an opportunity that is given to every individual, some of these reasons might be financial or it could be simply that students don't know where to look to find finacial assistance. What I've gotten from my college experience, at Park University, is that it shouldnt matter where you get your education as long as you get it. When the recessions really started to impact families and schools, it became also impossible to find banks that would give out reasonable interest rate loans. Because of such events, students that were able to return back to those $24,000 a year schools should be very greatful , because many students would've wished to be in their position. This school has become valuable to me, because I have learned the true importance of attending a University which is knowing the importance of working hard to acheive your goals and then later goofing off if you have the time.


College has helped make me the person I am today. I had good experiences and bad experiences and I wouldn't take any of them back because it has shaped me in a way that not many things could. I have met some of the most wonderful people who continue to be my friends to this day. College was valuable because it helps you learn what you need for the future. You meet people that will help you in the future as well. College is something I think every person should experience in their lifetime.


If I was able to give my senior-in-highschool self advice, I would tell her that college is so important. Take every AP class you can in high school to help you in college. Do everything you can to learn all that you can in high school. This knowledge is great help for you in college. Don't rush on deciding your major. Take the first 2 years to work on you General education classes. By the time you are a junior, you will know what your path should be. You will not waste precious time trying to get into a school program that you thought was worth it. Take your time. Time flies after high school.


The first thing I would say is that this will not be an easy walk through the park. You will need to make time to study and understand the classes. This is not free time. Do not listen to the people that say you need to concentrate on finding a man and getting married. Marriage is not for everyone. Education is. You do not need to be married to make it in the coming world, but you do need to have a good education and the credentials that say you earned that education through hardwork and determination. There are so many opportunities that have not yet been imagined. Work hard to get your degree it will be worth it, I promise.


I graduated from high school 25 years ago in 1985. The advice that I would give myself would be to set and write down short and long term goals for myself. The short-term goals would allow me to stay focused and on track and the long-term goals would provide the much-needed motivation I would need during the tough times. A few of my short-term goals would be to 1)attend orientation 2)meet with a student counselors to map out my academic career 3) meet and study with at least one person from each class and 4)join at least one organization. The long-term goals would include 1) earning a degree 2) building a career 3) economic stability and 4) personal growth and improvement. Making the transition into college life requires the ability to self-monitor. Therefore, time-management skills as well as good study habits are essential to academic success. I would advise myself to invest in and use an agenda to keep track of assignments and other important meetings and activities. And, last but not least, I would advise myself to not procrastinate.


I would tell myself not to wait. I am 35 years old now and I wish I would have stuck with college when I got out of high school!!


As a high school senior, I slipped into a state of shock. I went through a phase where I figured I had all the time in the world to accomplish everything I needed done in order to move on into the real world. It still shocks me to know how wrong I was. I dreamed about applying to some major universities such as the University of North Carolina and East Carolina University. I was so naive to think that they would allow applications to roll in whenever a person was ready to send them in. I procrastinated everything. College applications, financial aid, and scholarships all took a backseat. Now, if I could go back and talk to myself as a senior I would probably kick myself first. I would tell myself to get my head out of the clouds and figure out the proper way to ready myself for college. A key note that I would plaster all over my brain is to take the counselors seriously and ask questions. Most importantly, I would tell myself to apply myself so that I will go farther in life than I am now. Start maturing now and not later.


College is a big step in life to take. I am glad that I made the decision to come further my education here at Park University. If I could go back in time to when I was a senior in high school I would tell myself that college is fun and will make me happier than high school ever did. I would reassure myself that everything will be alright when I leave home even though things seem to be difficult. It may seem scary leaving home while my epilepsy isn't under control but I will tell myself that there are people at school that will care for me when I am in need. I would make sure to save up money because books are expensive and living the college life is something I should not miss out on.


If I could go back and speak to myself as a senior, I would say, "Growing up without the proper resources doesn't mean you have to continue life the same way in the future." I'd point out how valuable education is and how it can be obtained, even for the unfortunate children who can't afford it. I'd speak about going to college as soon as high school ended, and not waiting until two years later. School is becoming more demanding, and to reach any stability in the future, it will require higher education. There are grants and other forms of funding to aid you on the way to success of higher education. Aim high for your goals and don't stop until you have achieved them, regardless of what obstacles you see in the present. In closing, regardless of the tough times today, you can still go further in life if you tackle your educational chances now, and build a stable environment and career for you and your family in the future. Today, age 23, I now have a three year old daughter, and will have a bachelor's degree in a total of three years.


I would encourage myself to study more and manage my time more efficiently when it came to my studies in high school. I would not be ashamed of my intelligence because my environment said I couldn?t achieve no matter how smart I was. I would not be afraid to achieve Valedictorian of my high school, because I would get laughed at. Lastly I would apply to any prestigious academic institutions, because I know I am capable of succeeding because I have made it to my last year of high school. I know that preparing for college will give me a great life and take me places that I could only imagine.


I think that I would tell myself that teaching is the way that I should go. Continue to strive for what you want to do and let nothing stand in your way.


Entering college is a major, life altering decision. When I entered college at 18, I thought it was utterly important to be as independent as possible. I moved out of my parents' house into an apartment. I purchased a brand new vehicle. I bought the fanciest technology to help me through college. I made a lot of rash, irresponsible decisions. As you can gather, I think I'd have a lot of things to say about the paths to take to my high school senior self. Here's the "Reader's Digest" version: Stay at home. Enter a community college. Save your money. Remember... college is a marathon, not a sprint. Education is one of the only things NO ONE can take away from you. Cherish it. To even have the opportunity to be college educated is a blessing. You don't know everything, let your professors humble you. Be a good friend and be an even better listener. Don't wait until the last minute to write a big paper because your professor can tell. Be honest... even when it's hard. Be true to your word. Be true to your work. And, above all, be true to yourself.


Keep yourself focused on what you want to do later in life. It will help you get through the hard times when you feel like giving up. College is difficult, but if you study and stay focused you will be rewarded when you are done. Don't take your high school or college experience for granted. Both are great opportunities that not everyone gets. Don't stop believing in yourself. It will all work out in the end.


The only advice i will give myself is to choose my school based on my degree.


My 7 pieces of advice 1.Major in Engineering or another technical degree 2.Enter into an agreement with the federal government or military to cover all my college expenses and provide a monthly stipend in exchange for a job after I graduate. 3.Complete a Masters before going into the workforce. It?s hard to go back and it?s even harder as a part0time student with a wife and a family. 4.Take advantage of study abroad opportunities and learn an ?in-demand? language 5.Get involved. Participate in clubs and activities to increase networking pool and gain knowledge and improve public speaking presence. 6.Stay away from the alcohol. 7.Make a schedule and stay on schedule.


Find a college that makes you feel comfortable. That makes you feel at home, that may not be where your friends are but dont worry making new friends really isnt as hard as you would think. Also having a college that has small class sizes might seem dumb but trust me youll appriciate in the future.


When an individual is considering going to college there is so much they must look into before settling. The first thing that should be looked at is the schools accreditation. A parent or student should make sure that the school has excellent accreditation for all their programs. The next thing one must make sure that they are going to study a subject that makes them happy and that whatever school they are considering offers that degree program. Also one should look into the schools activities if they are interested in sports or club organizations. No one should go to school without being sure of what they want to do or they will be in school longer than they hoped for. Another thing to consider is the location. The student and/or parent should decide how far away they would like to go to school. The last thing is the choice of the school should be the students. The student should choose a school that they want to attend. If the final choice is not the student?s then there is a possibility of unhappiness and failure.


It is important to decide all of your options before selecting the right school for you. The problem though with even doing that you may end up changing schools before you finish your degree and/or changing your intended major multiple times. It's ok not to have everything figured out right away. In fact, it's probably better that if you don't know what you want to do to start out with a liberal education that allows to take classes that interest you so that you can better be prepared to make the right decision rather than finding out later that you made the wrong one and wasted all the money trying to get there.


I would say that to find the right college, you must go to the school you plan on attending. Look at as many schools as you can because finding the right academic program that suits what your career might be is very important. Do not be lazy when looking for a college. Go out there and find out exactly what that college has to offer you both socially as well as academically. And most importantly, have fun while looking for your college. You will find that it will be easier to make your decision if you are not stressed out while doing so.


Find a college that fits you - not your friends, not your family... you. Also, I suggest a small university. There, you can get more opportunities than you might at a larger university.


One basic tip for all students is to learn how to read thier own degree audit. Do not take for granted that the advisor will always make the right choices. Know what is expected and what classes are offered. There are too many circumstances when students think that they are close to graduation only to find that they have missed a requirement or two. This can be completely avoided by knowing exactly what the degree audit means. Plus, some schools only offer certain courses at certain times. If these are required courses, the student needs to know when they have to enroll in the offered class. Some students miss the deadlines and find that they have to stay in the school longer then expected to take the required course work.


I would say to the students, don't listen to your parents. If you want to go somewhere specific don't take no for an answer. There are many ways to get financial aid and scholarships. And to parents I would say don't be so worried about the financial aspects of college. Finances should not limit where your child wants to go to school anymore.


The advice i would give the parents in helping their child(ren) in picking the right school is find something that is not to focused around frats and sororities while still letting your child(ren) be active in the college enviroment. My advice to the future students is don't let your parent(s) get overly involved in your decision making process. Find a place that offers programs you are intrested in and will help you achieve your own personal goals, even if they change.


Make sure this campus is right for you. It is full of commuters.


My advice would be to actually look into the college more, research it learn about the many different programs that are offerred what's are some of the things the school is known for? Another adivce I would give is to not go by what others tell you about the college themselves. They are either tryin to pursue you in going, while others including the person who told you about the college has not even intended college, and don't know what to expect. Making the most of your college experience would be to actually get involved in things, speak up, be known for your achievements, stand out. Make the best out of what you have, never let things such as projects, papers, quiz, or test sneak up on you, because in the end you will wish you never did!!!!!