Park University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school was the teaching staff. They truly care about their students success and tried very hard to make sure all of the students in class were part of the conversation.


The services available for students over the phone are fantastic! People are very very helpful.


The maximum online classes normally contain no more than twenty-five students, which makes it easy for instructors to respond to questions quickly. I am on a satellite campus in Del Rio, TX, where class sizes do not normally exceed eight students, this makes the learning experience very in-depth and personal. Park University offers eight and sixteen week courses, so a student can decise whether or not they prefer a fast or slow paced schedule.


I am able to earn my degree completely online but also have the option to take in-person classes if I need to also.


I love how small the classes are at Park University. The professors are able to learn everyone's name in a timely manner and really show that they care about the success of students.


One of the best traits of my school is the international diversity. I remember walking out of the Science building after my first day at the semester and hearing at least three different conversations and realizing the students were conversing in Portuguese, Germany and Swahili. I was amazed that my new school had a large international community on campus and excited that I would have the opportunity to interact and get to now such a diverse group of students.


I think the class sizes at Park University is the best thing about the school. The class sizes are small enough that the teachers know your names and much about you. Because they know you it is easy to talk to them and for them to help you with assignments. I liked many of the faculty at Park University. It is a very welcoming place for many different kinds of students.


The best thing about Park University is that it has a great accelerated program for adults who are working full -time.


Great professors! They go out of their way to make sure you understand everything. The school was very easy to deal with while enrolling. I can take classes online or on campus.


The best thing about my school is the effort that the staff gives to try and help the student succeed in every way they can.


The flexibility in course develivery and class schedules. I had a plan to complete college in 3 years and that plan greatly depended on taking the right classes at the right time no matter the semester. Park University delivered.


The best thing about my school is the Dual Bachelor Program. At this time I am currently getting a BS in Healthcare Management and Human Resource Management. The general courses I finish in one degree transfer to the other. The only thing I have to worry about is finish my core requirements for the second degree. Come May 2011 I will have an Associates of Science and TWO Bachelors of Science degrees.


The undergraduate school that I attended offered online and weekend classes for working adults to complete their degrees. Classes were small and it was easy to build a relationship with other students because they were in the same classes you were. My graduate chiropractic school that I am currently is very diverse and allows views and opinions to be expressed while allowing students to mold themselves into soon to be doctors. I feel challenged every single day, which makes the experience all the more worth while.


The professors are the best things about the school. I feel close to them and can learn from them as well as joke with them. It takes a certain type of person that can be so close to their students. When I graduate next spring, I will truly miss them.


The best thing I consider about my school is the 1:20 ratio of professors to students. Having this allows for the many different student's that attend to actually sit down one-on-one with their professor and actually get more in depth with the material. Another best thing I like about my school would be the many different online programs offered to obtain an degree, even if you were not able to attend the campus.


Park University is a beautiful campus that lies 15 min away from downtown KC. It is a welcoming school. People here are extremely friendly and it is easy to feel a part of this school. I was unsure of Park when I first came, but with the right attitude I have loved every second spent at this school and wish the same to anybody considering Park.


I've made a lot of good friends here. It's a small school so it allows for a lot of interaction.