Pasco-Hernando State College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


a person looking for a school that can help them get into a field with animals shouldn't go here. July 30, 2015


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school has to be someone who is unmotivated, someone who is not goal oriented, and someone who doesn't take school seriously. Those people shouldn't attend college. If you don't have a goal, and if you're not motivated to go, you're wasting your time and you're wasting your professors time. If you don't take education seriously then you shouldn't be here either.


A person with confidence in his or herself. Also, before someone is going to attend a college, the student should be aware that there are people with different choices of life style that may conflict with the students own life style and he or she should learn to accept it so that everyone at the college can get along, or not go to college in the first place.


The school is a decent school . If the person is lazy its not the school for them because it is so very easy to fail but also so very hard to pass.


the people who shouldnt attend this school are the people who are just going to think they can just slack off.


There is no reason for any student to not attend Pasco-Hernando Community College. Speaking from experience, it offers high school students the ability to take advantage of duel enrollment, which is completely cost-free and a wonderful opportunity to gain an upperhand in completing an Associate's program at a much faster date than the traditional two years. In addition, this community college offers a wide range of scholarships, awards, and grants so students of any financial situation may afford an education. The brilliant educators at this school go to great lengths to communicate the material to their students.


I think that PHCC is suitable for any person, really. There's a wonderful variety of students by age, personality, race, etc. One of PHCC's strong points is it's incredible diversity. The campus is small, class size average, and the professor's learn your name. However, those who are looking for the university life need not attend. Of course, there's no dorms, no frats and things of that kind. But if you're looking for something small, convenient, and a bit cheaper, PHCC is a good choice.


Truly, I believe this school is good for anybody. Every school has its set-backs but it is a good stepping ground and it built my confidence for future universities. Yet, I have realized that if a student is intending on persueing a degree in law, the classes are slightly limited. Some campuses are better with feedback and information to provide to students, but every student has a different situation and it is difficult, I'm sure, to have the perfect answer for everyone.


If you do not have the ambition or the motivation to better your educational background then do not attend. You cannot procrastinate on doing what is asked of you otherwise you will not get the desired grade or desired degree if that is what you strike for. Make sure you're not lazy of course but also if you cannot handle the work, then I would not recommend going. Although the work given is not that bad, you cannot be the type of person who refuses to ask questions just because you think they are dumb.


This is a great school with several different campus locations. Students who are interested in all of the "college life" activities shouldn't attend. Their aren't fraternities or sororities, not a lot of clubs close by, or any large campuses.