Passaic County Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


You can get a big university education with the community college tuition. I think I made the right choice by transfering to Passaic County Community College.


I believe the best thing about this school is that it has some small classes. This is good because professors dont have to worry about teach a large sum of students. This can also provide individual help for one particular student.


The best thing i consider about Passaic County Community College is the professors. The professors at the college are great, they always go that extra mile to make sure all the students understand each and every lesson. Every professor has a unique way of teaching but in the end they are great in getting the lecture across. Many professors also provide tutoring for students that need it, that in my opion is great. In my perosnal experience the professors at the college have helped me get on the right path for my career goals.


I would say the location is the best. You are downtown and have a lot of oppurtunities to complete your work inside the school and you can also run errands in between classes. It is convinient and easy to get to.