Peirce College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Go to school but know big schools professors will not pay-attention to you.


Take advantages of all that you can in terms of learning and deciding your future.


take all the ap courses you can and then only take your basic math and english stuff first then declare your major after your freshman year so you don't waste all those credit hours since they don't transfer to all degrees.


Stay focused and serious about your grades. If you are seriously considering college after high schooll don't delay and say that you're going to work for a year and then go to college. The years will get away from you if you let them. Other things will come along(marriage & babies) which will also slow you down. Once you get a good paying job you will assume that you have it made when in reality you don't because employment is not a guarantee of sucess in life and you are not guaranteed to be employed for life. Don't put your passion on hold. A college degree will open so many more doors for you than a high school diploma will and you will learn so many new things so don't delay go for it today.


Life presents many opportunities to each of us. We should learn to seize the opportunities that are offered to us in order to advance ourselves within society. We are not assigned stations in life, we have endless possibilities for advancement. We should have the courage to take advantage of the opportunities that that we offered. It is our future.


Research college grants and other forms of paying for college