Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Abington Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


One thing that I wish I knew before I came to this school is how really expensive college education can be. I feel that while I was in school making my orginial decision on where to attend I didn't look at money enough in the equation. I know many people say you should go to the college of dreams, but I feel as someone already saddled with over 50K in college debt that maybe look for the best economic situation is something I would have suggested my younger self to do.


I wish I would have known scholarships aren't applied automatically to tuition bills, especially for United States citizens! The bills are too high and they continue to rise each semester in some way. They don't make scholarship search opportunities well-known here as they should and they don't offer scholarships easily. The scholarships here are mostly for students with great standards. I always thought and still do think, "You've gotta be really smart, not from the United States, or/and have tons of awards to get a scholarship that's from or by Penn State Abington."


I wish that I had known how fun and important it is to be involved. It's not only easy to do and very rewarding, but it's a great way to meet people and make friends. My freshman year I make no attempt to make friends or get involved. It was a commuter school and I treated it as if it were. I will always regret that year, but I'm glad I know now.


I am sure that I made the right decision of coming to this college. This college was everything that I expected, and even more. This college worries about their students, and make sure to help the students to continue with their education. Teachers and staffs are very professional, and they are always available if the students need help. Most classes are small, which help the student to focus, and also helps the teacher to have more availability for the students.


Before I came to this school I wish I had a car, because Penn State Abington does not have dorms so students have to commute back and forth to get to the campus. This is sometimes a problem for some students who may catch public transportation because public transportation is not always reliable and can cause some students to run late to class like myself.


I wish I had known a little bit more about some of the professors. I liked being able to know what type of class I was walking into and a little bit about my teachers like i did in high school.


How hard it would be to get the German classes I need


The teachers