Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Berks Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Penn State is known as one of the first land-grant schools and is reknown for its agricultural programs. Along with lots of research and studying programs that help innovate different fields, Penn State is known for its competitive athletics such as football at Beaver Stadium. The Nittany Lion cannot be left out as he is the university mascot and can be seen all over each campus either as a whole or he leaves his pawprints to show PSU pride.


I believe my school is best known for it's diversity and acceptance. We at Penn State are very friendly and accept people from all different walks of nature. We are a very colorful school, and that' what makes us so special. Whoever plans to attend, expect diversity.


Among students and young people, Penn State may be known most for it's football and other athletic programs. Recently, it has also been making headlines in ways that aren't so flattering. However, every Penn State student and graduate knows that work ethic and moral values are the trademark of a Penn State student. At Penn State, you don't just learn to be a effective person in the workforce, but you also learn how to be a valuable person in society.


My school best know for partying.




Small classes, personal attention