Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Berks Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are someone who is going to party all the time and you're looking for a drinking/drug scene, do not attend this campus. We are a dry campus, meaning even if you're 21 there is no alcohol allowed. Parties are busted easily, so sneaking isnt worth it. The students who come here are serious about their acedemics so partying is hard to do.


A person who is not self-motivated or does not like to get involved in activities should not go to this school.


Slackers who have no intention of completing any work or attending class should not attend this school


Someone in a wheelchair or with another disability shouldn't attend this school because it is difficult to go the dorms..through the hallways etc.


If you are shy and not willing to meet new peoples you probably should consider going to another school.


Someone who is not ready to work.


The typa of student who should attend this school should be focused on education and learning because the social life and party atmosphere at Berks is not to rowdy.


Someone who enjoys a lot of partying or have more desire to go to college for only the social aspect should not attend this school. If they want to go to a very large campus that has very large classes etc. then they should also choose another school. Anyone that does not like the rural and urban mix of area should also stay away from this school. This college can be looked at as distant from anything, but at the same time, there is a city less than 10 minutes away.


Someone that doesn't like a smaller campus should not attend this school.


One who wants to go to a larger school.