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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would definately tell myself to pay very close attention to all my classes and work a little harder in the classes that I did not understand and do well in (such as physics and math). I have referred back to some of my high school notes to help me in some of my current classes and they help make some of the curriculum easier to understand. It was also very helpful to take many high school courses that pertained to my current major and I knew would help me in college. I have found that the more previous knowledge you have on topics that you later take in college can really help you keep your grades up and makes understanding what you are learning a lot easier, especially if the topics are very complex and you are not good at the class.


I would tell myself to learn how to deal working well with less sleep and to learn better time management skills.


If I could go back to my highschool senior self there is a lot of advice I would give myself. One thing I would tell myself is not to waist time, because once time has passed there is no way of getting it back. Another advice I would go back and tell myself is to look for what I need in school and not necessarily what I want. When it comes to schooling nobody wants to waist time or money because it cn get pretty pricey. Lastly, I would tell myself to keep hope alive and do what I have to, because have learbed in ife you mut do what you have to early in order to do what you want to later. By this I mean in the beginning you must struggle and strive to get to your destination in order to have all of the fun later in life.


The best advise I could give myself if I went back in time to my high school would be ; not to listen to my father when he said "you have to be smart to go to college." I would tell myself it is not a good idea to work full time in a machine shop with my father while I was a Jr. in high school. I would tell myself that I have the ability to achive greatness. However, greatness will not come if I continue to live in this nonproductive negitive atmosphere. I would tell myself to leave and never return.


Always appreciate the little things in life. Once you transition into college, the people you grew up with and taught you everything you know seem to disappear. Life changes as quick as you can blink. Make sure you show appreciation to the people who have helped you achieve your goals and continue to motivate you. Saying two words can last a lifetime. "THANK YOU"


Hey Miriam! I know that this is a somewhat stressful time because you aren’t a hundred percent sure that college is the right thing to do. While I can’t tell you that the next four years are going to be easy, I can tell you that you will meet some amazing people and have some great times. Freshman year will be rocky but don’t let that get in the way of the next three years. I know you are getting advice from every angle right now but I can tell you what we are about to learn. Don’t be so guarded when meeting new people, a few will become great friends that you still talk to. Also, EXERCISE! I know we aren’t going to play soccer anymore but still move your legs! It’s pretty cheesy, but college will help shape the person you are going to be. Last and most important piece of advice: learn how to manage your time and money in the beginning, not during your senior year.


College can be a difficult transition. Your goals are achievable, but you are going to have to work harder than you have ever worked before. In high school, everything came naturally to you. You think this gives you an advantage, but it actually holds you back. You must improve your work ethic quickly. Also, college doesn't pay for itself. Scholarships can help you. You should be doing them as often as possible. Just one essay could save you thousands of dollars in the future. Don't procrastinate. This may have worked in high school, but in college giving yourself ample amounts of time could be the difference between a good grade and a failure. Soon enough, you will see this. Also, be sure to thank your parents for all of the work that they do. They will be the sole reason you make it through your first year. Above all, know that you can come out of this with good grades. I am proof that you can do it.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself when I was a senior in high school, I would tell myself quite a bit of information. First, I would tell myself to calm down and to not get so upset over little things like my grades. When I was in high school I tried so hard to receive great grades and I only received mediocre ones. I would beat myself up over the grades I got, but now I know that it had nothing to do with me. I put 110{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} effort into my work everyday and now I’m getting straight A's every semester in college. I also would have told myself to try and put myself out there more as soon as college started. I find myself looking for friends now because I was so shy when I transitioned Penn State Berks. I would also tell myself to keep working hard and to not become so stressed out. If I was actually given this opportunity in real life though, I probably wouldn’t go back and tell myself anything because then I wouldn't have learned everything I have learned in the last two year.


I had a very challenging senior year, and I believe it prepared me for college.


I would probably become active with the people around me. Make an effort at both schools instead of just the one. At any point just speak up when ever i felt like it.


I have gained so much confidence in myself from attending Penn State Berks. At first, I absolutely loathed the mandatory group activities the first week of Fall classes; but looking back now I realized that I made so many new friends and learned the campus layout during that week. If the college had not planned all of those activites, tours, and concerts, I do not believe I would be the confident, friendly, knowledgable student I am today. This school has made me a better person inside and outside of the classroom, and the professors are here to help us...what more could a college student ask for?


There are many skills and experiences that I have gotten out of college but the one that stands above the rest is critical thinking skills. College is a wonderful place to learn and train your brain to think like a more intelligent person. I feel that many people can memorize and redistribute information that they acuire, but the ability to get information, process that information and then apply it is exactly what college has done for me. Attending college is very expensive but the value of a higher education is priceless when it gives you more knowledge. This knowledge will help me to obtain a fullfilling job, higher wages, better living situations and ultimatley allow me to be a more informed educated citizen, allowing me to pass my knowledge to my children perpetuating the growth in which is the American dream.


At LCCC I am a part of the Honors program. It is a tight-knit group of talented and excited people who wish to further their academic knowledge in many different fields. As a requirement, our group of 20 students took a total of 6 classes together. In these classes I was pushed incredibly hard to do a plethora of things. I was required to read many books and to contemplate on the deeper meaning of them. It was necessary to participate in group discussions with my classmates and to, as a result, initiate long-lasting friendships that would provide useful in my following years in school. I have written a massive amount of papers and have become quite talented at it. I have learned the true meaning of discipline, dedication, and hard work. I have experienced many sleepless nights and a newly found addiction to coffee and energy drinks. However, all of the things that I have endured over the last year and a half have made me a better student and person. I will carry all of the lessons I have learned so far with me throughout my school career as well as my hopefully successful business career.


I have greatly valued the time I have spent taking classes at my current community college. The environment is open and available to all, the students as well as staff/faculty are helpful and friendly, and the classes are informative and focused on small group learning. I have realized the value and importance of getting a quality education by attending college and I am excited to continue on and accomplish the career goals I have set for myself. By attending college and participating in class and other activities, I am being exposed to other cultures, opinions, beliefs/values, and methods of teaching. This has really broadened my horizons to experience other things beyond my comfort zone. College has greatly benefitted me in my educational journey and I look forward to the years ahead.


I honestly have not gotten too much out of my college experience except for of course the learning part. Penn State Berks is a very small campus with no frats or sororeties. There is some on house campus but not that much. There is not much of a "party life" at Penn State Berks. I have met a group of close friends that I will probably be friends with for life but not nearly as many friends or fun as someone who would go to a larger state school. I talk to my friends that attend other universities and our college experiences differ drastically. I like that Penn State Berks is close to home and not as expensive as another state school plus the costs of living away from home but I do wish that there was more of a social life at berks and not just participating in the drama club or soccer.


Ive gotten the college way of doing things, and i honestly love college as in im working for my future, and all is great


I have gotten so many things out my college experience so far. Ive learend how hard it is to live with someone completly different from you. My first year here I lived with a student who did not like me because of where I came from. I decided to stick with her as my roommate and although we never grew as friends that experience taught me how to deal with situations like that one. This school has been valuble to attend becuase the teachers here really do care about you. It was really hard for me to find my place here and fit in but Ive met some amazing teachers who have helped me meet the friends I have now. I just love the environment and how school spirited Penn State is. Theres always something to do on or off campus so you never feel like your bored out of your mind. Overall I just feel like this is a great campus and I would not want to go anywhere else. I love it here at Penn State Berks.


College has taught me so much about what I am capable of and has shown me the oppurtunites that lie ahead of me. While I do not know what the future holds for me, I know that I will be prepared for anything, if I have the knowledge and skills that are required for this life. College helps build and expand that knowledge while enabling the skills to succeed in life; such success equates to personal achievement and self-fulfillment, as well as positive contributions to the society we live in.


I learned a few things in college that I wish someone would have told me about from the start. It?s really easy to fall in too deep in college. This isn?t high school anymore. Most teachers won?t accept late work and if they do, they dock a good portion of your grade from it. Get a day planner and stick with it. Get organized fast! I also learned that getting involved and making friends is a must. The campus isn?t going to stop for your grief. If you want to meet people, you have to be the one who steps outside of your comfort zone. Most schools offer a variety of clubs and going Greek is something I highly recommend to everyone. Above everything, just remember you are paying to go here. Go to class, but have fun too. Meet as many people as possible, you never know what doors they will open for you in the future.


Generally college life is really easyit just takes getting use to it. Just make sure you don't slack off or you could miss something very important. Make sure you talk to your adviser; don't worry they aren't scary. Pay attention more to details or you'll surely you'll miss something. Like not having enough money for school or filling out important forms. Also if you ever get a dorm remember not all shower labels are correct. Your a smart one you'll figure it out.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself about college I would tell myself to relax. In high school I was so worried about the college work load, having hard classes, and not getting good grades. I have come to find that the classes and work load are not as impossible as I thought, and I have no problems keeping my grades up. Therefore, I would tell myself to just relax and as long as you go to class and get your work done you will be better than o.k. You will even have time to spend with your friends.


In the words of Douglas Adams in reference to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, "Don't Panic". Penn State loves students like you, you're concientious, you do your work, you participate, you're the type of student that teachers dream of. Just keep your habits from high school. You do your homework and hand it in on time, you complete other assignments without procrastinating, no worries. And the staff are so helpful there, just ask and you'll get an answer or pointed in the right direction. And the teachers are fun too, prepare your chemistry jokes because the teachers in the Chem department are a fun bunch.


i would let my self know that college is another big step in life. Its about working hard, making life long friends, and haveing the education that my parents never had.


I have paid more attention in my Pre-Calc and Chemistry classes. These courses have been difficult for me in college. I also would tell myself not to set such high standards coming into college. I always received phenomenal grades, until I started at Berks. A C was always unheard of to me but in college I receive them regularly. My GPA is somewhat average at 3.00, but I find it hard to be satisfied with anything less than As or Bs. I wish I would have came to realization that college is tough and that I need to be content with doing my best. I have still not come to that satisfaction level, but I think I need to in order for me to appreciate my accomplishments.


If i could go back in time to my senior year in high school their would be so many things i would want to say i would not even know where to start. That being said i would start by giving a warning about bad habits. The fact of the matter is if you have bad habits in high school you will have bad habits in college, things dont change over nigth just because you graduated high school. This advise would have been very important to me because it would have been easier to get rid off some of the bad habits i have, if i had started in high school. Seconldy, i would have given a warning about slacking off senior year. Like alot students in their senior year of high school i had one foot inside the door and the other outside. I would have told my self to work harder in the present in order to make an easier transition to more difficult education. Finally, the last advice i would have given myself is just to take things as they come and enjoy every moment of the prensent, instead of fantasizing of an unatanable fantasy.


Defiently work harder, study more, be involved.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to study more.


Stay focused and dont get too worried. College is a lot of fun and just go with the flow, its not as hard as you think.


i would say to look into the college that your most intrested about and see if you would like to live in that kind of environment. Then the 2nd most important thing is FINANCIAL AID!!!, this is very important. Having financial issues while your in school is not pretty believe me i've been there. When you get to college just be yourself, get involved with student activities especially if your campus is small that'll give you things to do and let you meet new people and be open to different things. The last advice is just have fun, don't make dumb decision though in the midst of having fun. Believe me college is what you make out of it.


Do lots of research and visit as many as possible.


For students and parents finding the right college is very important! This is what everybody should look at before confirming your college. Campus apperance, academic reputation, diversity, campus housing, cost, how close it is to home, advising helping, and most importantly if your major is at your campus. Make sure that you/your child will be comfortable on this campus, make sure that you/your child can focus on their work as well as having a social life at that campus. If the student is comfortable on campus than the student will be successful. Making the best of college is enjoying every minute you have on campus. Everybody does not have the chance to live on campus, let alone attend college. Appreciate it socialize,network, join clubs, be as active in school as you can. Do not just sit around just doing work. Have fun make friends,apply for an on campus job. Make the best of it, a chance like this comes once in a life time! Cherish it!!!


Tour as many schools as possible BEFORE you apply...make sure you know what you're getting as far as on campus housing goes. Don't forget to apply for as much financial aid as possible, because college costs really add up after 4 years.


College is the time to find out who YOU are and what YOU want to do with YOUR life. Do not get too stressed out about what career makes the most money or parent's pressure because ultimately at the end of the day, it is your life on the line. Please do not make your decision based on money or the name of the school. This might sound impossible to do but it?s better to make a decision this way and not regret it later in life. Always keep your mind open with a positive attitude. Go visit the campuses to where you applied to and don't be afraid to ask questions! A situation is awkward and uncomfortable if you make it this way; this means you should always involve yourself in every activity that is available to you. College is the one time experience that is given to you and it?s an opportunity that should not be taken for granted. Live on campus your first year b/c you learn a lot about people and yourself and you could make some lifelong friends this way. Always go with what YOU think is right.


Go visit the college. Talk to students already there. Feel comfortable; don't go somewhere totally out of your "zone". You need comfort to get used to being on your own. Don't worry about fitting in, everyone is doing the same thing and college students are open to alot.


There aren"t many words needed to say follow your heart. Don't let others influence your decision and of course, take advantage of everything that college has to offer.


Choose a school that fits right for you and work as hard as you can without completely stressing yourself out.


I would say to a new student, apply early. What ever you do, do not procrastinate. I do not want to see you in the same boat I was in trying to get housing because i feel that to embrase the entire college experence, one needs to interact with other students going through the same sort of things they are experiencing. For leafring a good work ethic, to learning to wash one's laundry correctly. There is nothing I can stress more than to fight for on campus housing if it is offered. This is because the people you meet and the things you do; well, its worth the thousands apon thousands of dollars your paying out of your pocket. Take my word for it and apply early.


I would recommend visting the campus and the extra curricular activities that the campus has to offer before enrolling. I was also consider the type of area around the school. I can play major role on your child education.


Go to the school that YOU want to go to. The first year is the hardest year so don't give up if it gets stressful then. Stay focused and don't worry about parties. There is a difference between having a social life while still focusing on school and partying. Put your mind to it. It may seem hard then, but if it's what you really want to do, then do it. It will pay off in the end. Living away from home may be hard, but you will over come it, and with a few close friends, it won't be that bad. Don't stress over roommates, you can change them if you need to. Overall, don't fall into peer pressure, study and focus on school, don't be afraid of your campus, there is always someone to help, and being away from home isn't as bad as it seems.


When choosing a college the best advice I can offer is to visit the campus, talk to student there. and visit when its not a scheduled tour. with out a doubt you have to get involved in the different campus activities to become more involved with the school. Parents must understand that once the decision is made to attend the student pretty much has full control over his/her academic future while on campus. there are a ton of privacy rules.


The most important thing is to be patient and search different colleges before you chose just one. Also, if you are going into college undecided, I would pick a major that you might possibly be interested rather than waiting two years to figure it out and then realize you are too far behind. Also, decide before whether or not you would rather go to a small or large school because the atmospheres are extremely different. Work very hard because it will pay off someday and don't party too too much!


The best advice I could give anyone about finding the right college and making the most of it, is to find somewhere that you feel you could see yourself being happy a year or two down the road. Its easy to get excited about going to a college, but when the new wears off and the old shines through, thats when you know if you truely picked the right school. Another thing that someone should do when picking a college, is to stay open-minded. College is a dramatic difference compared to high school, and getting the best out of the college experience is key to the enjoyment that you may or may not face. Regardless, college is something that is designed to mature, stengthen, and develope ones mind. As long as thats something someone is willing to take on, picking a college is the easiest part.


Just make sure that you take your time in finding the right college, don't just go for the first one that you see make the right decision for you.


Some advice that I would give to future students and parents about finding the right college and making the most out of their college experience, is to live on campus. Although commuting to school saves money, you dont get the full affect of the college life unless your live on campus. While on campus, you can make close friends and learn how to live on your own. It will teach you resposibility because you are in charge of getting up and going to class, as well as finishing you assignments and studying often.


First of all I would say have patience when searching for your college. Visit numerous campuses and see which one makes you feel comfortable. Do not just go where your friends or boyfriend will be going, and do not let your parents pressure you into going somewhere you do not want to! Also, think about a major that you might possibly be interested in before you visit different universities because some different schools excel in different majors, even if you might be an undeclared major. To make the most of your college experience, you should go into your first year with an open mind, get ready to learn, and maybe get involved in an extra cirricular activity that could interest you. You should also be kind to everyone and do your best to make friends because many college relationships could last a lifetime, but remember school work should always come first!