Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Berks Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known of Penn State Berks when I originally graduated HighSchool. I did not think I was able to attend based off my original SAT scores. I am very happy that I applied when I did.


I wish I had known how much I could have done to further myself while I was in high school, but I've learned now and am far more clear-headed and prepared to learn and better my future.


how much freedom i really had.


I wish I had known the wasy the food would be before coming. I like the food, but I would have had my family pack more food for me than I had before coming to school. I also wish that I would have prushaced a video game or board games for the weekends. At times my school can become dry on the weekends.


Absolutely nothing to do on the weekends, besides drinking and working.


I wish I had known how much better dorm life was compared to off-campus living. I lived in an apprtment my first year, and it cause me to go into a state of depression for the first year because my social life was almost non-exsistant. If i had known how much better I would have felt on campus, I would have pushed considerably harder to get on-campus housing during my first year at Penn State Berks.


Just because it is Berks Campus doesn't mean it's not Penn State. The classes are sort of different from high school and they require a bit more work compared to high school. Finally, living away from home isn't always as easy as you thought.