Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Erie-Behrend College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


People from many walks of life. Its a mixing pot of a college, and everyone is generally pretty friendly.


Very quiet and generally shy but very smart and always polite.


My classmates thus far have been some of the best, most intelligent, well rounded people I have ever met, excluding of course those of a cantankerous, obnoxious disposition, and I have found, living in such close proximity with such people has led to many fantastic adventures.


My classmates are friendly people. if you need anything they ready to help. They don't give you a chance to cheet.


In one word, students are this school are DIVERSE. People come from all walks of life, have different ethnic backgrounds, and different interests. The best thing about this though is that there is a place for everyone. Penn State has over 800 student clubs for every interest imaginable. There are many religious and LGBT groups on campus, and all are supported by the University and other students. Sports are a large common interest on campus, especially football, but they aren't all anyone ever talks about, which just goes to show how wide the interests of students are. Students are definitely politically aware and voice their opinions on campus, but there isn't just one opinion- there are several political clubs ranging from far left to far right. Most students don't dress up for class (meaning girls don't wear wear dresses and heels to class), but the students still take class seriously. It would be hard for me to see a student feeling left out at Penn State, just because there are so many different student groups of such wide varieties. There really is something for everyone at Penn State.


In one word: DIVERSE! Majority of the students hail from Pennsylvania, however, in any given class there will be students from many different states and countries. There are a lot of international students here studying from countries such as China, Japan, India, etc. Not only are students diverse based on where they come from, but also in interests. PSU has over 800 student clubs/organizations, ranging from sports to politics to religion to philanthropy. There is definitely a place for everyone on this campus. If you get a chance to come to State College, take a walk through the HUB during the day- you will see hundreds of students passing out fliers for their clubs, talking to friends, putting on impromptu shows, or studying. It will give you the best idea of the kind of students that come to this campus.


My classmates at Penn State are funny, helpful, serious about learning, and some of them even appear to be considerably smarter than I am!


Since I am in engineering most of my classmates are mathmatically based and we all seem to get along well.


They are unique and unafraid to be who they really are.


Extremely friendly but need to be more culturally experienced and not narrow-minded.


Driven, hardworing, and concerned students that want to do well in school,


My classmates are clam students who engage in conversation and welcome the chance to express themselves.