Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Erie-Behrend College Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Challenging and interactive. You won't have a class that totally kills you, but you will be challenged. For business students, there are projects that require you to work with the community around behrend and with business professionals in the area. This is an exciting way to learn real world skills and understand what you're getting into with a business major. You will pull and all nighter or two, but hey. Its college.


Academics are rigorous, I won't lie to you. But the professors genuinely want to see their students succeed. They offer office hours and are always opening their doors to students in need of extra help. The academic requirements are strong because they require a little bit of everything (general education credits). I think this is important because Penn State wants to put out graduates who are well versed in many areas of academia, not just one particular area of study. As you advance in your major, Penn State certainly prepares you for whichever career you choose. Wall Street Journal named PSU students #1 in terms of being recruited for jobs right out of college. Employers count on PSU grads to be well-rounded, intelligent, and dependable individuals; this is the product professors and the University aim to turn out each year. Students are competitive, but it is more of a competition with themselves in that people aren't cut throat about grades and having to be better than everyone else. Every class that I have been in students have helped one another out, by studying together or forming study groups. It provides a better learning environment when all the students are driven but still willing to help you if you should need it.


The academics are rigorous but there are plenty of ways to get help. Every professor holds office hours and are more than willing to meet with students and genuinely want to see them understand the material and succeed. The professors at PSU definitely utilize technology and many professor post notes online. The general education credits are more geared to being a knowledgeable person on a variety of subjects, as Penn State aims to graduate well rounded individuals. However, once you begin core major classes, the academia becomes more focused on information that will be vital to succeeding in the workplace and help you to excel in your field of choice.