Philadelphia University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Expensive but has a good fashion program.


A private design school in the suburbs outside the city.


A colorful warm winterland that is occupied by many joyful people in a surburban city scenery.


Philadelphia University is a very small school, who's staff takes the time to learn about every student.


Its suburban feel which is very close to urban environment. Plenty of trees and grass, the landscape is awesome! Very enjoyable to walk around campus.


The campus at PhilaU was actually the initial reason why I fell in love with the school. I think our campus really reflects what is so amazing about center city Philadelphia itself. By this I mean that it is truly a great combination, and the perfect balance, of old and new architecture. On our campus we have many brick and stone buildings that illustrate Philadelphia's traditional architecture. Specially seeing these buildings in this time of year, with the leaves changing colors, it really makes this campus idyllic. However, we also have the right amount of modernity to keep us updated and in touch with our campus' interest in green technology and sustainability. To top it all of, our campus maintains a great percentage and amount of landscape and greenery. Personally, I don't think that I could attend a school without any trees or flowers. Even on the worst days, looking at the buildings, trees, and flowers around our campus can always manage to bring a smile to my face.


Our campus has a very suburban feel for being so close to the city. I personally chose this campus because it reminded me of home with all of the trees, trails, and open (undeveloped) space.


Philadelphia University is creative, innovative, open, career-driven, and my second home.


Philadelphia University prepares students for careers in the real world, specifically those related to design. Technical skills are enforced but students also learn about business tactics and the history of their areas of study. The school is focused on teaching students how to become successful designers while encouraging them to look into green alternatives. The workload is heavy and not for the faint of heart, but students come out of the university with a solid foundation of the design world. Every design student graduates with a B.S. instead of a B.F.A.


Welcoming, career orientated, diverse, energetic, engaging!


PhilaU is a small university of eclectic indviduals primarly majoring in design courses.


The University of Denver is enlightening in the sense that it helps uncover who you are as a student, and for me, how I navigate the world when I am thrown out of my element, (not to mention the classes are pretty enlightening as well.)


good for specific majors


Small and cozy with a suburban campus located close to the city. Good teacher to student ratio. Expensive but I feel that it was worth it.


An artistic school with great academic programs for each major, but lacks the uniting quality a campus should have between its students with different ethnicities.


a school full of design majors that are mostly stressed about school work, but most of all, the money they have to work off just to pay for school in the first place


philadelphia university is a small college full of artistic and wealthy students.


Philadelphia University combines a suburban atmosphere with a professional, school-based emphasis, but is also located near center city and there is plenty to do.


beautiful campus and great curriculum for deisgn students and aids in career searching.


Philadelphia Universityis a fun creative place to learn and meet new people and learn the ins and outs of different industries.


Philadelphia University is a small college where students are continuously challenged yet rewarded with tremendous opportunities to become a successful person in both career and life skills.


Philly U is a school for the artistic, self-motivated and fun-loving.


A place where diverse people with diverse goals come together and do their respective duties to improve the quality of college life for their fellow students, while creating their own future in the process.