Philadelphia University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Everyone is very kind. If you don't speak up, no one will really approach you. Outfits are based on your personality and major. If you are fashion, you should be expected to be out there and sciences are more casual. Students respect your values and deal with everything like proper people.


Very nice and competitive.


I am not sure if this is the name of the University I am going to attend. I`m starting on January at Eastern University. I would not be able to describe to you my classmates because I have not begin my journal yet.


Philadelphia University is a wonderful environment to have a close knit friend group. My best friends are my roommates and soccer teammates. Because our school is not big you develop deeper connections with your friends. No one could really feel out of place at philau, you can always find a couple of students with the same interests as you because our school is so diverse. At school you see most people dressed up, athletes tend to be the ones in sweats during their season. Most students families are middle class income.


We are a pretty diverse group and we keep increasing the diversity along the years. We are also very goal oriented. Our majors are quite demanding so we learn our priorities quickly. This does not mean we do not know how to enjoy ourselves in any which way possible. I would say we are quite the quirky bunch. You can label us as a PhilaU student and it would only make sense once you become one.


Our campus has a wide variety of clubs and organizations and activities. Due to these I don't think that anyone would ever feel out of place here. We have students of all races, religions, sexual orientations, and backgrounds. We are all different and have our own opinions and likes; and PhilaU provides you with organizations that will help you find people who are interested in similar things as you, or have the same background and/or race as you. For example, we have organizations such as LASO for students not only with a hispanic heritage but also for those who are interested in the hispanic heritage. We have the GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) which is not only for LGBT students, but also for those who are in support or interested in the LGBT community. PhilaU is very diverse, but more importantly, it is a very open campus. I feel like people here are open to ideas and opinions and preferences and I always see people intermingling and having friends who are not only different majors, but come from different backgrounds and races, and sexualities.


I think the students here are pretty diverse in their interests. There are a lot of different clubs and orgs which reflect this. They are also usually very creative, even many who are not in a design major. People here tend to have an outgoing style and enjoy decorating their room or making their own bags or going around campus at night and spray painting fun stencils on the sidewalk.


PhilaU students are the most tolerant group of people I have ever met. Passing judgment on each other and allowing stereotypes to define a person is hated here! The students at PhilaU might seem to fit in one 'box' and then you learn something unique about them that completely flips the script. PhilaU is just a cool campus like that.


Ummm, awesome. Seriously though, we have a very diverse campus, as well as the clubs and organizations to support it. We range from 'hipsters' to 'fashionistas' and everything in between. Most of the student body is from the northeast/mid-atlantic region, however, I have several friends from the west coast.


The classmates that I have are creative, fun, artistic, talented, ambicious, and love to compete.


The students at Philadelphia University are very diverse in race, sexual orientation, as well as financial backgrounds. This makes the university more inviting and welcoming to students of all backgrounds and is one of the most accepting universities I have ever witnessed. Because the school is relativley small, the students are close with one another and with the faculty.


I wouldnt have any, it is an online school.


My classmates are diverse and cultured, while being teenagers and learning from mistakes they commit to gain experience.


they are friendly and artisitc.


Usually very talkative and assertive in what they want.


My classmates are dedicated and hard working. Most of them know what they are getting themselves into. They are also very accepting and willing the give a helpful hand or suggestion when needed. Of all the types of classmates I could have gotten I really lucked out. Even the people I have met outside my major are kind and considerate. If they can help, they most certainly will try.


Usually friendly and from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. Students come from all over the country and world, but there are still a large amount from the area around the school.


my classmates revolve heavily around their work and are very creative


Very helpful we work together like a team although design is competitive we give each other new perspectives on design how we can improve it or be more creative.


Extremely into their major of choice and eager to obtain a career with their education in thier chosen fields.


Friendly, and helpful


Very team oriented and always helpful.


Very clique-oriented. If you don't fit in with them, you don't fit in at all. You're always on the outside of things where you can talk to people in class but you don't talk to or hang out with them outside of class.


They are hard working, driven individuals whose moods tend to shift from enthusiastic to over-whelmed frequently. Often the current workload tends to over-shadow future aspirations because it is easy to get wrapped up in current pressures. My classmates tend to be friendly, caring, well-traveled individuals who focus on self-exploration and bettering themselves through academic and personal pursuits.


creative, artistic and very work oriented


My classmates get along well and work together as a team so we can all understand.