Philander Smith College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


There is some diversity. I wish there was more.


The promotion of unity of Philander Smith has truly touched me in such a pofound way that even when I'm home I dealy miss the school and my friends. Philander has taught us to work together to work through not only academic wok but also with the community to make it better.


Philander Smith College is a historically Black College designed to educate and graduate students successfully. The campus is not too small but not too big. It is just right and serves as a hands-on college. They have a great Academic Career Center where any student can go to get help on any subject. asome on is always around to assist you with your issues. They also have a great tutoring program that any one can sign up for. Around test time Philander staff holds study sessions for students.


The best thing about my school is that its like a close knit family if anyone is having a problem someone os always in reach to talk to whether you know them or not. and the teachers really care about their students understanding the work they do and they are always around the campus to talk to. most college students have never met the president of their school but at Philander Smith College Dr. Kimbrough interacts with his students and is available to talk and interact with us also.


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