Piedmont College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


We just got a new administration so things are constantly changing and I never seem to know what I have to worry about next. I wish they would keep the students better informed if things are going to change and we are expected to adhere to the changes. Instead of changing little things, I wish the important issues would be addressed first.


Some students that attend Piedmont College are not content and either complain about the lack of things to do or plan to transfer. This is fustrating because their negativity affects my outlook on my school eventhough I enjoy Piedmont College. It is also fustrating because I wish I can keep them entertained all the time so they can be more positive.


My school does not have a high level of diversity or variety of cultural experiences. I believe I would benefit from a more diverse environment. I also believe that more financial aide should be available to students.


The need for local attractions.


the tuition cost is a lot of money and it puts a lot of stress on me and my family


There is a strict attendence policy that does not give excused absences for school related misses. The school is small so I feel like I'm in high school, everybody knows everything about everbody.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the cost in which to attend. I feel that it cost way to much. Fincianal Aid does not provide a student enough money for the fours years one is here.

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