Pima Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Their Nursing and their Vetrinary and auto tech programs. It is also and incentive that if you graduate from this school you are guaranteed admission into any state University.




My school is best known for providing affordable college level eduacation and for having an outstanding medical program.


They are well known for preparing students to transfer to the University of Arizona prepared and ready for their future endievers at a higher level.


It is a great place to start get a "second chance" for an education. I had been out of school for 25 years and was able to get back into the swing of things without a problem. I am just finishing my second semester and cannot wait to see what my future has in store for me. Pima Community College has helped me overcome my fears and encourages me to go beyond my expectations.


SMaller class sizes, helps you talk to the teacher directly. Giving students a faster degree and gives night classes.


My school is best known for the wide diversity of courses it offers and the vast diversity of students that attend its classes. Being that courses are affordable for the middle and lower classes, opens the road for many more students of many divers ethnicities and ages. Opportunities to students are endless and the sky is the limit.


Pima Community College is best known for it's Associate degree in Business Administration. Last semester, every transfer student from PCC that applied to Eller College at the University of Arizona was accepted! The advisors at Pima are very helpful in explaining what is required of each student and also what is expected of them. The ABA is a fantastic program at Pima Comunity College and every staff member is famous for helping interested students obtain a degree in this feild.


Pima Community College is a great school for people who may need extra help inside or outside of class. The school offers exceptional tutoring sessions for all students, and the instructors make themselves available to students at the students convenience. This not only helps the student understand the course material but also puts the student in a better position to graduate on time.


My school has the convenience of allowing you to achieve an associates degree in many feilds.


Pima Community College is know for the trasferred credits.


I am not sure what Pima Community College is best known for.


A great education without the high cost.