Pima Community College Top Questions

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Pima Community College offers a student exchange program from Aguascalientes, Mexíco. ¡ Los estudiantes de Aguascalientes me han enseñado mucha Español! A International student exchange program for a community college is more than unique.


This school is awsome in that the classes are small in size and their is help for all the courses you need to take here from tutors in the learning center for free.


My school has 5 different campus that are in every side of town which makes it convienant for all students wanting to attend


It costs less than the University of Arizona, and yet it provides a solid education and a healthy amount of transferrable credits, which I will be using when I gain both of my Associates Degrees and transfer to the UofA.


Since Pima is a community college you have many instructors who teach there that also teach at the universities. Because of this there is plenty of variety in terms of the instructors that teach there and the classes that are offered. Another nice aspect of the college is the smaller classroom sizes. I believe giving the students a chance to be part of a more tighter nit clasroom they have a chance to get to know eachother more and interact more closely with the instructors. I believe this is a superior way to teach students then in overly large classrooms.


College is very different, and what I think is unique is the hours provided. They provide weekend classes, and time schedules that are random. I understand and work out with the times they provide.


What I see as unique at the college is the diversity of the students. There are different minorities who are attending Pima College and there also minority teachers which I think it is unique and at the same time beneficial to all minorities. The level of interaction between students and teachers is greatly positive and educationally motivating.


Whats unique about my school, Pima Community College, is just that, its a Community College. Compared to major universities the class sizes are smaller which in return means that the teachers have more time to focus on students as individuals and zone in on issues that each student has, making it easier to learn and understand what is being taught. This creates a unique experience for each student, because they each take something different away from the classes.


Each class room has a professor that one way or another has experience in the subject that they are teaching.


Pima Community College is unique in that they have many locations all around town so no matter where you live it isn't far to go to school. They also have a health center, offer insurance and also have child care.


I actually had not considered any other schools. I began college for the first time at the age of 29, and knew that community college was the route that I needed to take in order to reach my educational goals. One great thing about Pima Community College is that it has several campuses all over town, so there is a location close to home and one close to work, so if I need to stop by for anything, there is always a convenient choice for me.


PCC has five campuses, a learning center and a community campus. They are a great two year school that has so much to offer and have flexible class hours to fit into your schedule. They also have an awesome transfer program affliated with the University of Arizona, which is one of the reasons why i'm attending PCC right now.


What is unique about PCC is that they have 4-year University style classes with great teachers for thousands less. The teachers make you feel like a person and not a price percentage.


I would say its some what organized


Cost is the first thing I considered, but the small classroom size is what got me hooked. i looked at strictly online schools and felt that the traditional setting would work best for me.


its closer to home and cheaper for me to take my core classes here than at a university