Pima Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing at Pima, would be the availability of classes and at the times that work for me, as it is necessary that I maintain a full time job. I also find that classes are comparitively less in-expensive than that of the University of Arizona.


Better than usual I find to be the teachers who are able to understand many aspects of a student's life unlike many teachers I have had before.


My favorite thing about Pima was the knowledge that every one of my instructors had to offer. I never left a classroom feeling bored or as if I had wasted a portion of my life. I am very happy with what I have learned so far in my college experience from each one of these people. It breaks my heart knowing that I now have to move on to a four-year institution and leave Pima behind. However, I'm looking forward to the bigger and better opportunities that are coming my way!


Best things about Pima are its incredibly low cost and its multiple campuses around Tucson. The per-credit-hour rate is really cheap compaired to the U of A and since Pima has three main campuses and several smaller ones around Tucson, you can take classes anywhere.


Pima Community College offers great classes with great teachers at a great price. Its definately an affordable option for me. At about $55 dollars a credit hour and wonderful teachers who actually care about the students, its worth every penny.


The student-services center was recently remodeled with new computers available to students. The student advisors are have also become more available. Its really easy to get around the campus and socialize with people. The campus in general is always clean, especially the rest rooms (at least the mens).


the best thing about my school is that its giving me the oppertunity to continue my education while preparing for a university.


The best thing about my school is the relationship between faculty, staff, and students. Everyone is always willing to help out. The staff is readily available for information. We have great instructors that have a thorough knowledge of their subject. It is not rare to see students and instructors sitting outside having a conversation or having lunch together. Librarians, counselors, and advisors are always smiling and working with a good attitude. Seeing this closeness within the people in my school just makes it so much easier to go to school.


The best thing about my school is that the classes are small allowing more one on one time with the teachers. The atmopshere is not threatening because the campus is small.


I find that all of the staff and instructors want to be there. All of the professors that I have had go out of their way to help all of their students. The advisors, counselors, even staff members that are not in the class guidence category are willing to help. The librarians are always willing to teach how to use the online catalog. The cafeteria staff are always friendly and willing to give advise on what foods are healthy, filling, long lasting, and simply taste good. The help found around campus is the best thing about Pima Community College.


There are a lot of great things about Pima Community College especially being a prep school before attending the University of Arizona. The thing I like the most is the support I've recieved from my professors. They make it pretty evident that they want their students to succeed and they try and help out in anyway that they can. All my professors have been extremely helpful and easy to get in touch with if I needed help outside of class. I have felt like all my professors share a common goal and that's they want me to succeed.


I beleive the best thing that Pima community college has to offer is the diversity of both students and professors. I gives it's students a great oppurtunity to interact with many unique individuals and no one should feel out of place.


There is always someone to help you, meaning staff and teachers, in the areas you need. Always willing to help to the best of their knowledge.


The best thing about my school would have to be the instructors. Each instructor that I have had the priviledge of attending their class has treated myself and the other students as indivisuals. The instructors take the time to know their students and guide them to their best ability by encouraging them and pushing them to achieve their best.