Pitt Community College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


My first college experience was at Barton College in Wilson. I had decided to attend Barton for the wrong reasons & decided for my best interest to transfer out. I had applied at Campbell University & was accepted. However, being a transfer student the money was not there. While a senior in high school you need to decide what college best firsts you & your career interest. Otherwise transferring into a college, financial assistance is not always available and you are left paying out of pocket or by loan. This semester at Pitt, I received no financial aid & was left paying everything.


During the summer semester I am not awarded financial aid and therefore I have get a loan in order to attend. I also realized that I should never take a math course online.


I wish I knew how important a students GPA is, I wish I knew how schools (in general) rely on alot of a students money (not just for tution, but for books, gas, etc.)


I wish I had known about scholarships that I could have gotten and worked for. I was denied by Finacial Aide twice, so I had to pay out of pocket for the two years I have been at my school. With gas prices rising, groceries to buy, the car needs such as gas, oil, filters, monthely payments, books, personal items and more, it is very frustration. Going to school full time and not having time to work, or choose to work and then fail school which is not an option, it is very stressful.