Plymouth State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They're definitely colorful, and quite often helpful, but most importantly they're all good to have around in a learning environment.


My classmates are very outgoing and intelligent.


My classmates are not just classmates, but are family and we are always there for one another.


My classmates are very friendly here at Plymouth State University. They are very understanding people who make the environment at Plymouth State a very comfortable one. The students here are very caring people and are always willing to help others. I couldn't ask for a better group of people to spend my 4 years of college with.


The classmates that I have in the Social Work Department are all really friendly, accepting to transfer students like myself, and really display a drive and passion for social work. It is a great feeling to sit in class with people that care just as much as you do about making a difference in the lives of others in the same way.


My classmates are curious, funny, opinionated and really helpful.


My classmates, especially in my major, are very similar to me. We are pleasant and chat a bit before classes begin, but are rather introverted and tend to do things on our own. My classmates are nice and cheerful, but are focused and totally content with doing things on their own.




Some are doing their best with the lot that they've been given, some are here to get drunk and party, and some are extremely dedicated to making the best of their college education.


My classmates are always there for you wheter you need them educationaly, emotionaly, and will always give moral support.


Friendly party people who know when to get serious


My classmates are very focussed students who also know how to time manage in their fun.


I have a diverse group of classmates that bring unique qualities to the classroom.


They are all extremely engaged in their school work and social life.


Everyone is unique and brings something new and interesting to the learning experience.


My classmates are very strong workers and very dedicated to their work, they also have a lot of pride and confidence which helps make Plymouth a very strong, effective learning environment.


Everybody is very friendly and helpful. Since i'm an education major i've had a lot of the same people in my classes over the years and i've formed great frienships and connections.


My classmates are nice and respectable.


very friendly ad sociable


usually friendly