Plymouth State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I feel like the worst thing about my school is their unwillingness to help me financially. My father passed away in 2010 from esophogeal cancer. Then in May 2013 my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. It is unpossible to pay an extra $3000 to be able to continue going to Plymouth. I work two part time jobs and most of my money goes to support my mom since she is unable to work. I'd do anything to not have to ask my mom for help.

Mickayla Bea

The worst thing about Plymouth State is trying to find your way around. The camous is small but spread out so trying to find things and remember the names of the buildings is a small challenge.


Having to pay to attend. Other than that it's a great school!


The lack of restriction on drugs


There really isn't many bad things that I would have to say about the University itself. The location of Plymouth is kind of inconvinient because of the scarce accesibility to big shopping malls. The closest big shopping area is in Tilton, which is 20 minutes away. This doesn't bother a lot of people but girls that love to shop may struggle with this.


The worst thing about plymouth state university would be the lack of transportation for taking students outside the univerity. Being surrounded by the white mountains beauty, students such as myself would like the oppotunity to explore areas around for recreational purposes. Most peers I found did not have a car accesible to them because of the cost of parking permit and car. Skiing and rock climbing are popular acitivties for my friends and I to do outside of campus but the opportunity is rare without reliable transportation.


The obstacles that tend to distract me from education are the worst: costs, distance, travel, and closed minds. But the biggest of these is a closed mind to change. Resolving these obstacles will fling-open America's educational doors. Online programs and digital library systems are helping to remove obstacles of distance, travel, and the distribution of scholarly resources. In reaction, the closed-minds have resisted moving out of the old-school, brick-and-morter, physical classroom environment. Despite these, we can take every confidence that the digital age will continue to deliver the classroom to the American people.


The worst thing I would have to say about my school is the classrooms not being as up to date as other colleges are. We sit in classrooms with chalkboards and overall the rooms just look rather old. That would be my only complaint about the school because I love every other aspect; that is why I chose it. If the classrooms were to have white boards and better desks I would love to be in class twice as much.


The worst thing about this school is that there are not that many things for students to do on the weekends. The school does not provide many activites for students on the weekends.


Our pool needs some serious repair it has been there since the P.E center was built and has problems.


As of right now, there isn't a whole lot to complain about. The only thing is that when I say I go to Plymouth State, they ask me if it is still a party school. It's like any other college and of course they have parties, but the education you get and the people that are there are amazing. It's a great experience to be there with beautiful scenery. The reputation that Plymouth State has is probably the only downfall.


My current collage NHTI is a wonderful school with a student population that does not take education seriously. Many of my classmates text in class, insulte the teachers and choose t undermine the work because they call our school a dead end community collage. this is the main reason i am transfering to Plymouth state university.


You get a lot of information over and over again because they are in the progress of putting everything online, but still put things out in paper.


The worst thing about Plymouth State University, like many other universities is the food. The quality of the dining hall food is below average. They focus on quantity rather than quality. The fruit, especially the apples are always old and too soft. The menu doesn't vary too much. The hamburgers are always overcooked and very dry. The tables in the dining hall are always dirty. About half of the staff in the dining hall are unfriendly.


The physical education facilities are outdated. There are some that are newer and they are building a new ice arena to be opened next year. There's a plan (5 years, I think) to construct a new fieldhouse. So, it will get better, but I think in the mena time a student pursuing asports/recreation degree can find better equipped schools.


There is a lot of partying, but if you hang out with the right people it is easy to avoid.


I don't consider really anything to be the worst part of my school. I love everything about it, that is why I attend this school. Our dining hall food isn't the best, but it certaintly isn't terribly.


They don't have enough grants or scholarships.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the cafeteria food and all the snow we get in the winter time. Getting from point A to B can be quite the challenge with the unpredictable weather we get. If Grafton and Smith got a makeover on the inside, I believe more kids would be attracted to this school to be honest. Students want to be able to live in a clean, comfortable, and relaxing environment ; not a dirty one.


THe environment. It's pretty but has little to offer


there is nothing i really like my school


There is nothing really bad about the school just the fact that it is really cold haha.


The snow.


The food. Although they have recently added more of a selection I don't feel as if the food is always fresh. The cakes and cookies in the dessert area always seem stail and the vegitables always seem old and the lettuce is sometimes brown. I feel like if the food was made fresher many more people would go to the caf to eat and have a good time, not just to go to put food in their stomachs.


too much drinking on campus, but you can aviod it if you really want to


It tends to be more liberal in the class room with less emphasis on teaching the conservative viewpoint as well. Its over zealous Redsox fans who love to riot when their team wins.