Plymouth State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Plymouth State University is it's size. The amount of people who attend this school is just right for me. There are enough people who go here that you will not see the same people every day; but enough to know a lot of them. It is also very environmentally friendly which means a lot to me.


Opportunity is the best thing about being a student at Plymouth State University; they have study abroad programs, a variety of clubs including academics, sports, hobbies, and more, plenty of minors to choose from and they strive for your success with their tutors and other help desks that are always open.


I consider the size of Plymouth State University to be one of the best things about it. Although it can make for some fairly boring nights and limited social interactions, Plymouth has about 5,000 students which allows for small, intimate classes and connecting on a familiar level with professors. This is especially true in non-generic majors such as Anthropology, where a lecture class may have only 5 students, allowing for personal interaction with the professor and fellow students, and gives the professor a chance to tailer the lesson to the specific needs of said students.


The best thing about Plymouth State University is the sense of community which comes with being a student here. I feel like I am apart of something which cares about me, my health, and my success. There are so many opportunities to become involved on campus by joining different clubs and affiliations as well as participating in university-sponsored activies. I feel like I belong, that I am safe, and that people care about how my future turns out.

Mickayla Bea

The best thing, so far, about Plymouth State is how welcoming the community is. Everyone seems so freindly and helpful. Plymouth is also not far from home so I can go home when in want.


I love the size of my school. It is small an intimate, though still big enough to where I can walk around and still see new faces everyday. It is nice to feel comfortable and like my school is actually like my home.


The best thing about my shcool is the fauclty. As a transfer student I was scared about the transferring process but everyone here made it virtually pain free. Every staff memeber really wants to help you and cares about you as more than just another student.


My group of friends. We share our love of the arts.


PSU is a small campus that is right next to a small downtown strip. Classes are small, intimate, and proffesors are very easy to get a hold of. The university and town provide plenty of work opotunities and local employers are flexible with schedules that make working and going to school easy. My advisors here have always had time to talk and help me with a school problem and the financial aid offices are full of nice helpful people.


most of the teachers, especia;;y the ones in a major program really care about you as a learner and try to help in anyway they can.


The best thing about my school is the atmosphere. Everyone, including students, employees and, professors are hands down, the friendliest people i've ever met in my life. Coming from a town near Boston MA, Plymouth NH is a much friendlier and accepting place to be and to thrive as a student. The view is breathtaking and woulnd't change it for the world.


I consider the best thing about my school to be the amount of activities that are available. There are so many clubs to join and there is always something going on. There is an outdoors club where you could go on hikes, ski, surf, white water raft, ect...there is a community survice club with never ending volunteer opportunities, and many others.


The best part about Plymouth State University is the cafeteria and janitorial workers because in my opinion, they are the kindest and most understanding at the university. Every day, the cafeteria staff has a smile on their face, whether genuine or forced, I always feel welcomed and comfortable, almost like being at home. The janitorial staff can be described in one way and one way only, amazing; not because they clean after everyone, because they create casual conversation; they listen to your truth and learn, as you do the same. My college experience has been enriched because of these people.


One of the best things about PSU is the location and its surroundings. We are located right in the middle of the mountains with such a wonderful view from every building your in. We are also located only twenty minutes away from several major skiing and snowboarding mountains such as Loon and Waterville Valley. Having these moutains so close to campus is a great stress reliever for many students here. There is also fun to be had in the warmer season with a river running right through campus. Floating down the Pemi is a must before you graduate!


I belive that the best thing about attending Plymouth State University is the wide variety of activities and clubs there are to participate in. There is a wide variety to chose from and everyone can find a place that they fit in. Going along with this, there are also many events that is put on by the University or groups within the school throughout the year. This gives the students a chance to interact with more people that they wouldn't get a chance to otherwise. I think the clubs and events make the college community closer.


The best thing about plymouth state university is that there is always something going on on campus. Even though it is a somewhat small campus everyone gets along well and I like that feeling. Being able to just walk out on campus and find something to do easily is fun. You can get massages, play intramural sports, play varsity sports, work out, go to the library, hang with friends. It's a never ending supply of fun on this campus. I also love that there is no peer pressure and you can be yourself.


The best thing about Plymouth State University is the connections that you can make with everyone on and off campus. All of the professors that I have had so far have been more than willing to give any extra help that was needed; including giving students personal phone numbers. Also, there is a strong bond between students at the university based off of university pride. I have even been able to get to know people in the community, due to the multiple service projects that Plymouth students partake in. Overall, Plymouth students benefit from strong bonds with everyone around.


The best thing about this school is the education. The professors really care about their job and will help you in any way. There are many things to keep you occupied on campus with all of the clubs, organizations, and sports to play. It's not that big of a campus, which makes it easier to find your way.


Location. I love being in the mountains of New Hampshire. The campus and the location are beautiful.


The best thing about Plymouth State is the small class sizes. Because there aren't huge classes, you are able to have one on one time with your professors if you need help outside of class. It also makes it easier for you to ask questions and engage in class discussions because of the more personable atmosphere.


I consider the best thing about Plymouth State University is the small class sizes. It makes it so you can interact with your teachers more and they get to know personally. If I ever need help with anything it's easy to talk to them.


The best thing about my school I can't say in less than 100 words. The school that I go to knows me, it knows what I need. My school has the best teaching staff for me, it has my best friends, it provides me with opportunities that I once dreamt about but now they real. I love how I can go to the library and study in peace and quiet. The best part about my college is that they gave me an opportunity to get involved. My school helped me start the best part of my life.


I think the best thing about my school is the environment. The environment is very welcoming and gives students a calm and safe feeling. Each classroom is small and provides students with a feeling a belonging. When teachers know you name, it makes you feel important and that your work is not going to waste.


its in a quiet area, with enough to do, but not too busy


The best thing about our school is its location. We are right next to the mountains, two hours from Boston, 30 minutes from the Lakes Region; what more can you ask for? It's a home away from home.


I think the best thing about this school are the teachers. The teachers will go to any length to help you succeed in their class. They offer group tutoring, individual tutoring, progress meetings, anything that you can ask. Usually they do not accept late work unless you talk to them ahead of time about an assignment. They will do everything in thier power to help you succeed in college.


the first week of school as a freshman there are thousands of other kids in your position; it is so easy to make friends in so many different ways it is impossible to be bored, at least by yourself haha.


The friendly atmosphere and the green, lush mountainous area to do plenty of outdoor activities in. The ease at which a student can slide through some of the programs might be just what some people need.


The location and size of the school was the best part. It was in a small town in the mountains so offered lots of opportunities to go out and do things in nature. The school was small which allowed you to meet and befreind lots of people and see them on a day to day basis.


The immense amount of weed.


i like how it is a small school and it is very welcoming. the setting of the school is great. its a good school


PSU has a great sense of commuity that unites at the beginning of each school year and excepts incoming students with open ares. The profeessors are engaging and intelligent. The location of the school is prime, it is surrounded by beautiful mountains and a small charming, welcoming town.


The people, PSU has a great community feeling.