Point Loma Nazarene University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Point Loma Nazarene's small classes give the opportunity for students to develop great relationships and mentorships with thier professors. It also provides the opportunity for class discussions to take place in the small class setting. There are many ways to volunteer and be involved at Point Loma in whatever interests you have.


Our school is best known for their Christian views. Each department incoorporates the Word into their studies. The community is so close-knit that students have professors home phone numbers and are invited, regularly, to their houses for dinner. I will also say, it is definitly known for the spectacular view, a panoramic view of the ocean. Can't beat that. Overall, I truly appreciate every aspect of the school: the christian community, the faculty, the education, the student life, ministry outreach, sports and of course the view.


Being a beautiful campus surrounded by the amazing and powerful ocean waters. Having awesome surf less then 100ft from the dorms. The nursing department is very well respected along with the busisness and science fields. Majority of our professors have PhD's in their field of study and continue to do research and outside activities beyond teaching. We are also known for our affiliation with the Nazarene Church. We have an amazing campus with wonderful people that are here for the right reasons; students and faculty.


PLNU has a great Nuring and buisness program. This school is also known for its great surf spots. Although it is a private school, it is a public place to go to the beach to surf, anyone can drive on campus to surf. Point Loma is also known for its gorgeous campus.


The abundance of on and off campus ministries, the location and beauty of the campus, the kindness and genuine nature of the students and staff...


-strong biology and chemistry department -leader in enviornment sustainablility (among christian schools at least) -beautiful campus and ocean view -large number of students that study abroad (35{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}) -liberal arts institution -nazarene (wesleyan tradition)


Its amazing view and great people, but in terms of academics, its nursing program.


Point Loma is mostly known for its beautiful beach campus. Academically, it is known for its nursing and business programs.


Probably the fact that the population is 66 percent female and rising. Aside from that, we are the 'liberal' Nazarene college. We have also built a reputation for our basketball team as well as the fact that we have, no lie, the most amazing view of the ocean on campus.


My school is best knwon for nursing program, science (especially, Biology and chemistry), business, and also theology. My school is nazarene university; it is small private christian school. And our school is pretty well-known as WHITE school, but we are friendly to different ethnic people including me, who is asian. It is smoking-free, alcohol-free, drug free campus. And professors are like friends to students. :)