Polytechnic Institute of New York University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Polytechnic Institute of New York University?


One that doesn't want to work hard.


People that are very smart, hardworking, dedicated, and thinks outside of the box. The work load that this school gives is off the charts and so one has to be focused on ones study all the time.


Someone who can not focus on their work and get it done. you need to be able to understand and study complex material because that is demanded in your field of study. The professors already expect you to know small things about the material. if you like a social campus life, don't go to Polytech.


Anyone who doesn't care - you need a strong willpower and a curiosity for nature.


As the social butterfly immigrates from high school to this college, it would be introduced to a harsh new environment. As there are only lackluster activities, there will be no nourishment outside its natural habitat: fun school clubs. To supplement itself, it would have to turn externally to its surroundings: the city of New York; abandoning it’s homely on-campus location. And since most of the time the social butterfly will be catering to its survival, by studying and spending time in class, it won’t have the time to live up to its name: interacting and having fun.


poeple who like new york and has passion for science and technology.


Someone that isn't sure of what they want to do in life.


If your are very sure that you want to major in Engineering, business or pre-med, i would recommend you coming to this school. you must be very determined, because if you let your guard off by just a bit, you can easily fail your courses.


Someone that ones a largely populated environment.


lazy bums