Polytechnic Institute of New York University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school would diversity. This school has students all over the world. Amazingly, everyone gets along with each other very well.


Diversity is the best part about Polytechnic University. Unlike most universities, at Poly you meet people from all backgrounds and all walks of life. In one of my classes I met someone who could speak four different languages, most of which I had never heard of before. This diversity makes Poly great because it demonstrates that successful people can come from anywhere and its what you make of what your given that defines who you are. The success of our Alumni is proof of that.


Even as the sun sets and Metrotech square lights up under the night sky, there are students bustling in and out of our buildings. Holding books, carrying bags, talking to professors. No matter what time, the campus is always alive, bursting with the excitement of technology. Under the banner of poly thinking: invention, innovation, entrepreneurship. Being here, you feel as if you are on the edge of a new age, at the brink of a bright, electronic future. Everyone is enthusiastic, lively, and yearning to learn more about technology. Regardless of your major, we're all connected by that love.


I love the people in this school. I truly feel blessed to have made the numerous friends that I have. Everybody is friendly, considerate, and helpful. We all have our panic moments and personal problems, but everybody is there to pick you up and keep you going. It's the most sincere community I've ever been a part of. The community is also extremely diverse. Every ethnicity and culture is represented at Poly, yet everybody manages to relate.


The Gym has enough room for all, people are friendly, professors are kind and friendly, the homework and projects are fun to do. Lots of tutoring and Exam prep for helping the students.


There is not something particularly unique about NYU because I could say that there is something unique about every university. However, the one thing I love about NYU is that it is truly a global university reaching out to all communities and cultures, letting students experience beautiful, life-changing moments. The school and the students never forget that their hearts belong to New York. Whenever I hit Broadway and 8th street, I feel like I am entering another world – the big city and beyond. But then I can just as easily turn around and cozy up in my little dorm.


Education at polytechnic is the best thing. Lot of experts on specific topics are professors here at poly.


Research and job opportunities. This Provides students with a future.


The best thing about my school would be the diversity and the friendly/supportive environment.


Staff and faculty are helpful to me.