Pomona College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Preppy smart kids who think they're better than everyone else. Overly politically correct campus.


One big stereotype is that Pomona kids are snobby and elitist towards the rest of the 5Cs, which I'd say is probably more true of the administration than the students.


The students are rich and elitist


Pomona students are rich, snobby, pretentious, smart, and ultimately successful.


That Pomona is a want to be East coast school and that the students who attend it are arrogant and stuck up. I also heard a comment once that implied that Pomona students were wealthy people.


"We're not elitist, we're just better than you."


We are know by the other 5C's as a little pretentious, but it's mainly that our classes are more difficult in general and that we are very happy with Pomona. We are really too small to even have a stereotype except as dictated by our rankings and whatever as a "good school."


A stereotype about Pomona students is that they are really bright and will let you know it. Another stereotype is that they are all white, rich snobs.




We think we're smarter than everyone/better than everyone else


The stereotypes I've heard associated with Pomona fall into two categories: those which tend to be associated with most top-notch small liberal arts schools, and those which are more Pomona-specific. Stereotypes in the former category claim that Pomona is very white, extremely liberal, upper-class, and elitist. Stereotypes in the latter category claim that students only think about work and are all extremely happy.


The biggest stereotype is that our students are arrogant. Another stereotype is that we are one of the happiest campuses in the country.


Pretentious, rich, preppy, spoiled, know-it-alls, big studiers


In the five colleges, Pomona students are known as the elitists, but each college has a stereotype.


Pomona students are are Ivy league/ Stanford rejects, who are still bitter now have something to prove. Pomona gives its students absolutely no practical experience, so that the students can't get jobs when they graduate. Pomona students were mostly nerds in high school and don't know how to dress.


happy and friendly, smart, laid-back, rich, pretentious, and awesome.


We are happy, elitist, always wear flip flops, study outside and lie on the grass, play frisbie, work hard but play even harder


Within the Claremont Colleges, we have the stereotype of being elitist.


There are stereotypes that Pomona is an environment that fosters privilege and elitism. People also believe that Pomona students live in a very sheltered bubble.


The stereotype about Pomona students holds that they're self-righteous, politically oversensitive and elitist.


That we're elitist.


Pomona students are supposed to be stuck-up and rich. To some degree this is true, but I'd argue that it is a very vocal minority of idiots who create this reputation; most Pomona students are friendly, outgoing, and down-to-earth.


There are stereotypes associated with each of the five Claremont Colleges, but the stereotype about Pomona students are that they are pretentious.


It's really hard to peg the typical Pomona student. There are jocks, nerds, jocky nerds, hippies, band geeks, artists, hardcore investors and everything in between, but just about everyone falls into more than one category. We're also pretty laid back...you're more likely to see Pomona students out playing volleyball than in the library. Somehow, we still get our work done.


Outside stereotypes tend to be along the lines that we are cocky and stuck up about our ranking but that we also tend to be potheads. Another stereotype is that we have a lot of very book smart people but that Pomona students tend to be less logical or street smart.


Highly motivated driven students who want to change the world. At the same time Pomona students are quite modest on the whole and don't really care whether or not they are "better" than you or not.


It's a school full of alcoholics and really smart people




Some stereotypes are that we are conceded about our intelligence. Another is the overly liberal standpoint of the student body and the school as a whole.


That we're pretentious and elitist


Pretentious, nerdy, and friendly. These are the kids who were always raising their hands in class in high school. Everyone's very PC - beware if you've got conservative beliefs.


Within the 5C community there are stereotypes that say that we think we are better than everyone else. There are stereotypes about us being awkward.


Pomona students are elitist and think they're better than everyone else.


the other claremont colleges think we are pretentious in terms of our intellectual abilities. we are also known to be quirky.


pretentious, rich, liberal, politically narrow minded, smart


At the 5 Claremont Colleges, there are general stereotypes for each school. I think most people think Pomona is full of stuck up students who think Pomona is better than the other colleges.


Pomona students are very ambitious and completely self centered.


I guess the stereotype would be that we are elitist among the 5C's..but...see below..