Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico-Ponce Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing of my school, is the green areas. In this areas, the students get socialize, studying, eating and other things that they do. Personally, I like the ambient, because help you to stay out of stress and to concentrate in the best mode to study. Also i like it, because is a great ambient to hang out in the lunch time with friends; and for studying of course.


Best the thing about my school is the hospitaly that they haver professor


The best thing about my school is the campus, the variety of its curriculum and the professors. They are great!


The best of my university is the treatment given to students. The faculty and university employees are given a quality service.


The professors, because they are highly qualified.


The best thing of my school is the green areas because there is always somewhere fresh to sit under a tree and study.


the best thing about college is the quality of people working there, always willing to help students


Counselors are always aware of your academic and social life. Always available to address your concerns and needs to lead a healthy college life.


The best thing about my school would be the professor and student relationships. They not only offer excellent learning experience but they show great compromise and love for what they do. They take the time to make sure you have understood the material given in class and give an open space for questions before an exam comes. The university not only provides excellent professors, but excelent staff members that are willing to help at any time. The university as a whole, is a great environment and provides excelent study areas underneath trees; perfect for soul searching or simple study time.


This is the only university that offers me a full class schedule on what I'm studying.


some proffesors really care about our future and try their best to teach us.


The best thing of my university, is that gave the opportunity to choose about several collage, department and major. Are six types of collage that you can decide to become part of it, they are: Science, Arts and Humanities, Education, Bussines Administration and School of Architecture. Also the faculty that the university have is excelent and they are specialized in what they teach. This and other many things make my university, Pontificial Catholic University of Puerto Rico- Ponce, one of the most prestigious universities in Puerto Rico; considering all the best thing that they offer to the students.


One of the best thing I consider about my school is all of the places we can go study on our free time. Another thing would be all of the resourses that they have that provide us like a student. Other thing I can mention is the new people we will know in time. Because all this helps you to grow like a stong and independent human been. It is kind of a fase that teaches you to be on your own, to be foccus on your dreams and goals to complete them to the maximun state.


The best thing about the university is that it have binaries programs that allow students to finish their undergraduate studies faster with a high GPA and somes privileges.


My school is the very best,because it has everything I need as a student and different schools such as medicine school, School of Pharmacy, Law School, ect.


en la universided se bebe tener en cuenta que van a obetener una buena educacion y en esta universiadad estan preparados para preparara a los futuros profesionales.


The best thing about my school is absolutely everything. The Pontifical Catholic University is amasing. Everyone is very polite to you and there's never any disturbance. The teachers always explain the class material clearly for you to understant it. Also they have you well informed about the activities they have during the weekend. I love this things because you are never lost here. In everywere there's someting that helps you in the day or week. I can't choose just one thing that I like about here. This university is great and I want to stay there.


Is one of the best universities in Puerto Rico. Is a big place that have different opportunities to choice a job carrer.


The best thing about my school is the chapel and the chapel office. It is the best place for a person to go and pray one on one with the Lord and also hang out and meet friends that share my same faith.