Portland State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Portland State takes the initiative when it comes to their students; always offering them new and fresh opportunities and supplying them with the resources they need to succeed.


Portland State University, is like any other school, they have their problems; the difference is that they listen to their students and faculaty,


Portland State University is an accepting, environmentally friendly school that people of all ages attend to achieve their dream of gaining knowledge in various, diverse fields


An urban university offering diverse opportunities and experiences to its students in every academic field.


Money grabbing.


An education in the heart of the city, for everyone.


Downtown location, near so many great resources.


Portland State University is a college that welcomes and promotes diversity.


Portland State is very friendly and open, there are a lot of opportunities available for students to explore Portland both on and off campus, transportation around campus is simple since the campus itself is not very large (a bike, good shoes, or a long board serves well for getting around), and finally the faculty are typically very helpful and very supportive of your learning endeavors.


Portland State University is in transition.


My school is the heart of downtown Portland that is ideal for liberals and poets, law men and dancers, advocates and explorers because we bring the world in together for a melting pot of diversity and experience.


This school is urban, unique, diverse, and a great center for higher education.


Portland State is a commuter school with a wide range of classes and majors to focus on, but very little in the way of help or caring from faculty or other students; if you want to meet people, you will have to really put yourself out there!


Busy, but laid back. Green, forward thinking, and progressive. Very community oriented.


PSU is a mid-sized, very environmentally-friendly campus, with an ethnically/culturally diverse population of students mostly in their mid-to-late twenties.


My college campus is a school intended to help its students succeed in learning and retaining information concerning career of personal choice.


Very liberal, but great education for the money spent.


We are variety unified in purpose.


Big commuter school with wide range of both small and large class sizes.


A colorful, never-ending variety of activites, students, professors, and classes with a focus only on what the student wants to get out of college.....not what the university wants you to get out of college, while still maintaining a strong academic, athletic, a career-oriented setting.


Portland State University is a comfortable place to stretch your education wings and feel supported while you reach your academic goals.


A huge and vdiverse university with students of all ages.


My current school is a small, private university. It provides small classes that encourages individual learning and discovery. It is a great place to learn how to learn, develop a great relationship with your professors and really get to know your fellow classmates.


The heartbeat of continuing education cradled in the arms of the City of Lost Children against the bossom of Forest Park, signifying the hope of the future, the place of the present and the lessons of the past.


My school is so open and diverse, I can just be myself and never feel out of place when I'm there.


A liberal, "never be afraid to speak your mind," rigorous, challenging, community involved and environmentally aware university on the West coast.


A beautiful school seated in the downtown area of Portland, Oregon, with access to multiple forms of public transportation, as well as being close to a handful of music venues for concerts.


When you want to contribute to the world with the education you earn, Portland State University helps you achieve that, as they help students serve the world with their knowledge.


Environmentally friendly and liberal campus in a beautiful urban setting, filled with a community of diverse students.


Portland State University is young, fresh and in the middle of downtown, making it a central part of the community and a great place to learn and grow.


It is green.


My school provides an environment that is comfortable to learn in and you will always have success with hard work and determination towards your goals.


A diverse environment with unexpected events daily.


Portland State is in the middle of a big city that is enviromentally conscious and friendly, and has opportunities to be involved in anything within a very diverse enviroment.