Portland State University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Awesome! University Studies classes can be confusing at first but overall it's a good idea to have students learn these core values.




While many of the classes are large (ranging from 80-150 students), if the student makes an effort to connect with a professor, they are almost always rewarded. My favorite class so far was a counseling course in the field of Psychology, with an exceptional professor named Terry McGlasson. Even though he now teaches at another college in Wisconsin, I continue to stay in communication with him via email. Portland State is undoubtedly conducive to students having intellectual conversations outside of class, and maintaining a pertinent dialogue that promotes growth and understanding. This school's academic requirements are fair and easy to engage, and they unquestionably prepare students for life after college.


Well like everything else at Portland State University academics varies. Some of your intro 101 level class can get pretty large, and the professor won't learn your name unless you visit them during office hours, but most of your other slightly higher level classes are smaller and teachers will certainly learn your name by the end of the term. Class participation has be a vary large part of most of my classes here, which I love. PSU has a slightly different approach to teaching and they really want to students to develop critical thinking skills and be prepared for the real world. Some of your classes will be easy and it'll up to you to own your education and others will be more of a challenge.


With nearly 30,000 students PSU is the largest school in Oregon, but doesn't necessarily feel that way all of the time. The university is divided up into its respective colleges and departments which makes for a much stronger sense of community among teachers and students. Professors usually learn your name and after a few terms you'll begin to see the same students from class to class. Students are not necessarily competitive with one another, but a strong sense of community involvement is usually promoted in most classes. Again, depending on which major you choose your academic experience could vary greatly; but on the whole PSU will provide you with the skills, tools, and knowledge necessary to be successful in life.


The academics here at PSU are mind-blowing, the professors want to get to know you and really encourage to visit them in their office hours for extra assistants you may need. You'll find students studying almost periodically. Class participation is definitely common, where in many classes you do several of presentations. One of my favorite classes is my University Studies class for FRINQ which is called Design and Society, where you get to build a bridge, reinvent a pully system, and build lego robots. It's a fun class but you definitely learn and the books you read are no easy task, however, if your looking into becoming an architect I recommend you to take this class.


It seems like its a hassle to come downtown every time I want to go to campus. It can be a problem meeting with professors since they are so busy. The students at PSU are average quality. A lot of night classes since many students work full time.


People seem to work really hard here. Maybe because there are a lot of returning students who tend to appreciate it more and get more out of it, myself included. I was a terrible student the first time around.


The academic life at Portland State University is interesting because, with the small class sizes, you actually have the opportunity to get to know the people you are learning from. My teachers know me by first name basis and every class i feel a new passion and hunger for learning more. especially with my Arabic class. after each class i feel more motivated to continue studying. Portland State supports my interest in finding who i want to be in life, while still allowing me to see the possible careers that parallel my passions.