Portland State University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Hipsters. And yes, I would say the majority of students are freethinkers, dreamers and never about anything mainstream (unless its being a hipster).


Portland State University has the large communication students every term, we do see lots and lots different type of students come in and out. Portland State is not the traditional university which locate in the small village. It is located in south downtown of Portland, it is convenient with MAX and Street Car and it is busy every day.


The hipster. You know the sterotype of the all too cool rebel in skinny jeans who drinks only PBR, listens to only unsigned band labels and talks about politics but does not vote...definitly a stereotype that I am here to debunk because it is not true. Not at all. This is commonly a notion of Portlanders in general and while there is a percentage of population that does fit the profile it is a small percentage. The other stereotype is that we all wear flannel...now this is somewhat true. haha.


There are all kinds of students at PSU. Most students are hippies. Some are nerdy. Some students are nice and cool.


The stereotype of students at Portland State University is that they are liberal hipsters who support sustainability and protecting the environment. By and large, this stereotype only identifies a portion of the very diverse population of students at the university.






One of the stereotypes at PSU is that it is a commuter school. This is true, a lot of the students live in the portland area and commute to campus, and there is large age diversity of the students. However if you live in campus housing freshman year you'll be able to make plenty of friends and not feel like everyone leaves on the weekend.


The stereotypical answer you'll get is that everyone is old here, which in respect may be true but there is still young freshman and sophomores that you'll find here.