Post University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I love how responsive the Post University employee's are. They are quick to respond and handle business with you. The tuition planner here has provided exceptional services giving me more knowledge on the financial aid aspect, where as my previous school did not. They are also regionally accredited which is the accreditation I need to become CPA certified. Though I have not attended this school for long, I am very please so far and would recommend them to my peers.


I don't brag. I try to reconmmend my friends to go to post. I tell them it's not hard if you take good notes and read. They have online courses so if you work or have kids school online will be flexible and the right thing to do.Some people just work better by doing classes online. Other people beed to hear or see a teacher teach in order to learn. Post University has both campus and courses online. Thats what I like most about Post University. Right now I'm taking courses online.


i brag about the accounting program they have there.


I tell my friends how much I love the small classes and how wonderful the campus is. I tell them that there are a lot of places to study. I tell them that are easy to make fiends; there are a lot of things to do on weekends: like go to sports events or event plan by clubs.


The helpful nature of the staff from the advisors to the professors. I have never attended a college where the staff was so willing to help and listen to the students needs and concerns as at Post University. It was one of the primary reasons I chose to attend this school compared to others. I was confident of their support, which I find particularly important when considering and attending an online program.