Post University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Post University?


You shouldn't attend this school if you prefer big schools that are located in the city. Because this school is located in the country area of Waterbury, where there are alot of trees. Which can be good or bad at times. Also the campus is small but it is just right for most people and it is also good for me so if you prefer schools that are big and are located in the city with a large campus then Post University is not for you.


People who are lazy and not determined to succeed should not attent Post University. Post requires students to be hardworking and have a burning desire to make their dreams come true. Students who do not work hard for their dream will not be able to survive a semester at Post, nor do they deserve to.


This school is great for anyone. There are a lot of people in the military that are overseas that are attending this school because they have a distance learning program. They also have an accelerated program which is excellent for students who want to complete their degree faster. They also have a broad range of majors which cater to a lot of different students.


A person who is unwilling to learn should not attend this University. If a person wants to learn, it would be impossible to fail a class because of its excellent tutoring. Another kind of person that shouldn't be allowed to join this University are people that cause trouble to the establishment and influence others to do the same thing as the troublemaker.


Lazy people should not attend this school. The online program is very labor intensive and requires a great deal of research and writing.


Withdrawn with very little artistic ambition.


anyone who cant deal with not having all the nice things in there dorm it is more of a humble living not like a real nice place its like a super 8 compared to a Hilton