Prairie View A & M University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students on campus, especially the upperclassmen are sweet, caring, and they treat you like family


I haven't yet attended , so I don't know yet.


My fellow classmates are very independent and responsible. Being a college student, I have noticed that students and classmates around me are responsible for taking care of themselves and class work.


My classmates at Prairie view are very caring, helpful, dedicated to their education, talented, smart, open-minded, friendly, and very spontaneous.


My classmates are peers who are peolpe that I mostly only see around class time.


The students at my school are hard to explain, a lot of people are easy to talk to but some people can be rude.


Students at Prairie View are diverse, which can be surprising to many. All financial backgrounds, religious backgrounds, etc. all meet here to get an education. A majority of students are from somewhere in the southern region of the United States but it's not hard to find someone from another region here to get an education too. There's a little bit of something for everyone if you look for it.


My classmates are driven and goal oriented individuals. Our program is demanding and requires that we put alot of effort into pre-reading, and being prepared for class, which pushes me and my classmates to higher standard. Overall, their passion is impeccable.


My classmates are very studious and focussed, but they also know how to enjoy the college life and use this college experience to grow .


My classmates are mostly african-american students that came to Prairie View A&M University to get an education and be successful.


Most of my classmates are entergetic, smart, and are very active in school activities.


All of my classmates are full of life and ready to take on the real world.


My classmates are mostly hard working, goal driven, yet fun and exciting engineering majors.


The students at Prairie View are lively students who strive to achieve their goals while lifting up their fellow students.




Everyone is here to help each other, very friendly people


My classmates are intelligent, caring, and helpful because when someone needs help or do not understand the subject they are able to give the help to those who ask for it.


I can compare my classmates to the shoe store they all have different shapes, sizes, and different colors but the goal is they all want to fit in.


My classmates are outspoken at times but when it comes down to handling business they are digging deep into there books and studying.