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I transefered from CA and mind you I had many colleges to choose from. What made PVAMU stand out from all the others was that it had character and culture. The school has a diverse staff and faculty, many opprotunities for students to get involved, and also allows the student the grow into a better person. I also wanted a different experience from what I am use to and I believe that going out of state was the best decision for me, and for other students as well. You cannot be a passive student here at PVAMU.


PVAMU is an HBCU so while the majority of the students are African- American, there are a mixture of other races. There is a good level of diversity here. Also, the dorm rooms are fairly new and the maintenance workers are timely with repairs whenever there are any. The food is also very good; its not cafeteria slop like most schools. Also, I feel safe on campus which was the biggest issue for me. Being an out of state student with my nearest family member more than an hour away, this is a plus.


We are the second oldest institution of higher learning in Texas.


The uniqueness of my school is its very different from others its a prestigous HBCU and thats one of the reasons I chose the school. I like being surrounded by different culture and ethnicity.


Something unique about my school is that it is built on an old slave plantation. The history that my school has is so amazing and the cultural value that it has as well.


My school is very unique because it is geared towards helping African Americans succeed in the world today. This is not solely based on the fact that I attend an HBCU. But it does seem that my university always puts ten times more effort just to see a student do better. Prairie View always goes that extra mile if u simply network.


The fact that its close to home, but still a respectable historical black college.




Prairie View is unique because it is an HBCU. Some of the other schools that I was considering didnt have the same feeling that HBCU's have. Most students that go to college are fans of their football team and basketball team but Prairie View students are just fans of the school!


My school is unique because it gives a special emphasis to engineeirng majors & help with employment.