Prairie View A & M University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The WORST thing about my school is the fact that there is NOTHING out here. Sure, there's a Wal-Mart 7 miles away, but a lot of the students on campus don't have cars to get to that Wal-Mart. If I was to walk to Wal-Mart, that'd be an 8 hour walk. There is nothing at Prairie View A&M University but students, professors, NO entertainment, expensive transportation, and NO grocery stores. Words can not explain my dislike for some of the ordiances offered at this University.


The Finacial Aid Office. The lines can be long and outrageous at times. They don't help the student to their full capability. I hoestly don't think they take the students seriously.


The worst thing about Prairie View A&M University is financial aid. Even though you make the necessary steps and think you have everything done with your money for school and you come to find out that you’re messing some things and you can’t get your money. So I would say make sure you check every day to make sure you have your money and won’t end up back at home.


The food is the worst of all. The food is too greasy and sometimes improperly cooked. The majority of the student are thinking of dropping their meal plan to save money for food they actually enjoy.


i consider the location on the school to be the worst part abou tthis school because without a car its hard for you to get food, meds etc.


They are more focused on getting money from students oppsed to helping them.


The worst thing about my school is how far the classes are compared to the housing. It rains a lot at our school and the transportation is some what crowded at times. The other thing is laundry rooms are very far away.


The worst thing about my school is its location. The school is located in Prairie View, TX which is a small town surrounded by no stores for miles. It provides a struggle for students' whom live on campus and have no form of transportation. such as myself. This is what I consider the worst thing because students are more prone to befriend other students for the wrong reasons. They may want to quickly find someone with a car just to get to the grocery store rather than being introduced in the classroom regarding classwork or help for a particular subject.


The worst thing about Prairie View is the fact that it is so rural. Its only fourty-five minutes away from Houston, but that isn't very pedestrian-friendly.


I feel the worst thing about my school is financial aid, which is for most schools. Half the time you don't get your money until a month or two after the first day of school, majority of the time they don't get you enough, and it's so unorganized.


The worst thing about my school is that alot of students take the partying more seriously than the educational resources.


nothing, i love my school...the financial aid department could be a little faster, but everything else is fine...


The financial aid office.




parties are on weekdays so its hard to socialize and keep up with school work


When looking at the campus, I would have to say that our campus needs to be more green. The finiancal department needs to get their things together to help the students more. This is the worst part of the campus I believe, it needs alot of work to help it improve.


The worst thing about my school is that financial aide constantly changes what is required for school, as far as paper work, to be turned in for the next semester.


The on-campus housing, on-campus dining, security, finacial aid, lack of relevant education taught, and the lack of post grad job help.


The worst thing i consider at school is financial aid bacause their is not enough money. Only being advised to get a loan when i do not want a loan. The finacial aid chose to start with freshmans who are abealy starting their education in college then the upper classmen who are continuing.


Financial Aid


The worst thing about my school is the financial aid department. Usually the staff is never in their office nor do they answer the phone. The staff can pretty slow about putting things out there on the internet for you. When it comes to your money you need to have someone that is going to be available all the time. So thats the only thing that i consider pretty bad.


The worst thing about my school is that unless you have a car or a very reliable friend, it is extremely hard to get to the grocery store. The Walmart is about 20 minutes away and walking there is out of the question.