Prairie View A & M University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


People say that majority of PV students are "trashy" and that they're uneducated, but alot of these students are actually VERY smart, and have respect for themselves.


African Americans , Athelete`s and A lot of Nursing majors. For the most part yes it is.




The stereotype placed on the students at Prairie View is that we place parting above academics which is inaccurate.


Stereotype -- a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea. In knowing this, I'll tell you the typical "stereotypes" of Prairie View A & M University. It is a party school centered around marijuana, alcohol, and sex; the STI and HIV/AIDS statistics are at an alarming high number; and Greeks believing they are superior to everyone else.


Stereotypically, people view people at my school as partiers. Contrary to this belief we have many dedicated and intelligent students focused on academics and career success. It is true, Prairie View produces productive people!


The stereotypes that our college has is the dress code. Basically talking about the students who dress casual with collar shirts, slacks, nice pair of dress shoes vs. the students who wear baggy jeans, cargo shorts, tennis shoes, sagging to wear your boxers are showing. What they say about that is the students who dress presentable get a better internship positions. Is it true, it's a 50/50 on that subject because the students that doesn't dress up do dress up for interviews, business days, and class presentations.