Presbyterian College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Presbyterian College is best known as being a liberal arts college that is extremely expensive. It is also known for the frat houses and parties every weekend and throughout the week since there is nothing else to do around campus other than drink and hang out with friends. It is a well respected schol overall.




Academic excellence, relationship oriented


My school has amazing music, biology, and religios departments. It is known for its honor code and its motto, while we live we serve.


Liberal arts education


Commitment to service.


We are probably best known for our odd choice of mascot names, the Blue Hose, and our recent move to Division 1 sports. Go Hose!


Parties at fraternity houses, basketball camps for high school teams, its silly mascot (the Blue Hose), being a private, liberal-arts school, what's known as "The PC Bubble," which describes the seclusion from the outside world, both because the school is in the middle of nowhere, and because the students can be closed-minded and naive when it comes to the bigger picture. In a lot of ways, PC is similar to high school, due to its small size and rural location that keep everyone very close together.