Presbyterian College Top Questions

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It is a small school that has a great student to faculty ratio.


We' ve got 1200 students, and I feel like everyone I meet is a part of a huge family. The professors are just as close to the students as we are to ourselves. On the first day of class we receive our professor's cell phone number, and I've definitely used that to call them on a late night before an exam. The student-faculty relationship is like having multiple sets of parents. They are people who constantly ask if you're doing okay, support you in athletic events, and don't hesitate to tell their expectations of you.


It is definately a community where the professors are not only respected in their fields, but they also love teaching students and are patient and challenging at the same time. Since I am an athlete i care a lot about football. the students are spiritied and come to and cheer on our teem, football i serious at PC. Greek life is great. Unlike other college gredd life at PC is not as stand offish to non Greek people so a lot of the campus hangs out at the Fraternity houses on the weekends giving PC a good social life. Awesome


I liked the small campus and small town feel. I liked the close knitness of the community and the dedication to service this as well as the strong Honor Code embeded in the school.