Prince George’s Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Prince George’s Community College?


Anyone who plans to get an associates degree or someone who wants to go to a 4 year University but isn't quite ready yet.


Anybody who's trying to take some classes (whether to get a degree, transfer, or for personal reasons) for a more budget friendly price should attend this school.


Everyone should attend this school, it will help you obtain your desired degree.


some one who wants to learn and be succesful.


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Anyone from any walk of life, bet it a recent high school graduate or a seasoned adult with experience in the work force who desires career advancement or others, should attend Prince George's Community College. This higher learning institution offers programs not just for students seeking access to 4-year universities, but also certifications in various feilds of employment. A person may achieve a certification for personal fitness training, First Aid and CPR certifcations, aswell as Illstration, Horticulture and more. Anyone can even enroll in a course or workshop for pure personal enlightenment.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who feels that they are not fully ready for the university. For majority of our educational career, we had always been in an environment that consists of small classrooms, one on one between students and teachers, and always had people looking after our best interest. In other words, making it hard to adapt to the independent, large classes environment of the universities. Community colleges are like bridges between high schools and colleges. You still get the same type of learning environment, while learning at a college level.


People who are willing and are ready to give a decisive orientation to their lives, or just want to deeper their knowledge about what they are doing. People who recognize that they need an education to do what they have always dreamt about and are ready to put time and effort in getting it; or people who come from other countries and are willing to make a difference both in their lives and in their new community; those are the people who should attend Prince Georges Community College.