Prince George’s Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell my self to work harder in school and to take ap classes as a senior that way you pay for less classes once your at community college and to apply for more scholarships.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior the advice I would give myself is to stay focused and practice very good time management skills. There can be no distractions during coursework preparation. I will continue to prepare myself by focusing on math and science courses. Looking back, I would tell myself as a senior in highschool the following: take good notes. Upon arriving home, rewrite the notes using a system that can better prepare me for studying. Always read ahead and take notes and do not miss class. I will utilize appropriate resources for asistance whether it be the professor, tutoring or study groups. If by chance I am are feeling a little stressed, I need to go to the gym and work out and just sit back and listen to some music. I have heard so many times, "Why did you choose that Major, its so hard"? My answer is I have a love for math, science, and projects in the lab. I can also visualize making a significant contribution in the field of Chemical Engineering. I will make the sacrifices necessary amd reach my goal .


Angelo, I would tell you to use your time wisely, because procrastinating in college is not going to get you anywhere. Not only to use your time wisely, but learn how to manage your time when you do anything at all. You cannot waste any precious time that you have. If you can use any free time that you have available, use it to study. Don't let any distractions to get in the way, if you have to lose some friends because your studies are getting in the way, then let it be, because in the end, that degree is what will help you get to your desired goal. Now that I made mention about friends, you'll quickly realize that your real friends will stick with you no matter what. If you lose friends because of your studying, then they didn't really care for you that much, so choose your friends wisely when you are in college, because the ones who you really need are the ones who will help you in everything. Above all, keep your eye on the ball. Once you start college, don't give up, stay strong and get that degree!


If I could go back in time and could talk to myself as a highschool senior, my advice to myself is to always have a plan B and also never to procrastinate. I say this because, the mistakes that I made my senior year was that I only applied to one college and did not apply to any scholarships. You never know where you will end up that is why you should always have a plan B. I did not intend to attend to go to a community college. I was so focused on me graduating and only wanted to get into that one school that it had a deep affect on me. So, I say to myself still always have a plan B and to never procrastinate, now I am applying to universities and for scholarships now so that I would not end up in the situation I was in before. My goal is to graduate with my associates this semster and to hopefully get accepted into University of Maryland with scholarships without having to procrastinate and be stress free.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a High School Senior I would tell myself that it is time to be an adult. One goes to college for alot of reasons, one of which is to get a degree. However, the most important reason that young adults attend college is to gain independence. In college, there are alot of situations that students will have to endure alone-without the help of mom and dad or even best friends. If you want to survive in college you need to learn how to make your own decisions. When making desicions, you also have to stick to your values. Finally you have to think on your feet. The most important think about sticking to your values in college is that you already have all the answers. This way when you are hit with a situation that requires your immediate attention, you will know what to do automatically. So, my point is not to go to college to be perfect, but to be true to yourself and make your decisions wisely. So if the question is to party tonight or study tonight--you already know the answer.


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, some advice I would give myself is always plan ahead and take college life seriously. Throughtout your high school years take advantage of your life and start thinking before time. When I was in high school, I didn't have no type of organization. I didn't apply myself to the best colleges or the best scholarshsips. I applied to Prince George's Community College at the last minute beocause I didnt have antother college to apply to in the time for fall semester. Knowing what i know now helps me more and more each day. Looking back, I would apply myself more, searching for information about college life and applying for scholarships and grants to pay for school. When I made transition from high school and college, it was a rude awaking. I had no knowledge on how I was paying for my courses or books. The idea of college life is preparing for a better life, taking learning effectively and applying yourself towards your future.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give myself advice that no teacher, parent, or guidance counselor could help me with. I would tell myself to look for colleges earlier. I would tell myself to look for financial help anyway you could. Even though there are so many ways to get help and it may seem like too much for you to handle or you have no idea where to begin, you have to not give up. If you give up like I did, you will have to suffer through crying, arguements with your mom, not have enough money to pay for the semester, and scrap to pay for your books. If you don't listen, the first semester you will suffer because even though you want to socialize, you will tell yourself that you can't because if you fail, you will not have enough to retake that class. You have to act fast on everything you do, because if you're just going through senior year and do nothing about college, you will not have the same experience about college that other students seem to have.


Well there are a lot of things that I would go back in time and change, but I will just name a couple. First, I would definitely keep myself from waiting until the last minute to my homework. This would have saved me from a lot of stress and kept me from wasting valuable time on things that took the time I should have been using to do my homework. Priortizing my responsibities is definitely key in college because there are a number of distractions that can get me off track. Secondly, I would have read ahead before coming to class. Doing this would keep me to up to speed with what my professor was teaching, as well as allow me to have any questions I had about the lesson that day. However, even though I am not able to go back in time and fix my mistakes, I do find myself telling some of my younger friends what I learned from my mistakes so that they will be better prepared for college.


If I could go back in time, and give myself advice about college life, I would probelly tell myself to take college more seriously. As a high school senior parents, teachers, everyone i know was asking the same age question: "What are you going to do after you graduate high school?" My plan was to go to college and major in nursing, which i am currently doing, however when people ask this question over and over again it makes you wonder if you are doing the right thing. College life has been pretty good so far. However, I do admit that I wish i could have disapline myself more into realizing that college is SO MUCH DIFFERENT than high school. Fall 2009 was my "bad semester" in which I didnt do too well in two of my four classes which will later cost me to repeat them. That experience made me come to realize that no matter how many times parents, teachers, relatives tell you to study hard , you never really realize just how challenging it is until you actually experience it. I learned my lesson, suck it and try again. Repeating=NOT failing. I only fail if I quit.


I would have never skipped as many classes as I did. And I would of took more advantage of the opportunities that was given to me.


I would teach myself to always stay on top of deadlines. In college, the teachers don?t tell us when something is due. All assignments are posted online on a student portal and it's our responsibility as adults to see when things are due and turn them in on time. Teachers give alot of slack in high school. I just wish they didn?t because when I got to college, I saw what the real world was like. If I miss a deadline, that?s my money going done the drain. I would teach myself how to be more prepared. The college students that are ready and organized are the ones that get recognized. The most important thing I will remember is that life is not fair and to just deal with it. I am an adult now and I think that high school should be a lot tougher to really prepare students for college. High school students should be taught to think logically and be able to stand on their own to survive the college life because it?s a whole new world when you enter college. There is more freedom; and with more freedom becomes more responsibility.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would first tell myself to not take on such a rigorous schedule that inevitably hurt my GPA. I thought I could impress colleges by being on the Student Government, being Vice President of the National Honor Society, and having a part time job. Unfortunately, I realized after I graduated that having that schedule was a detriment to school work and did not have an effect with getting scholarships or getting into the college I wanted. I would secondly tell myself to work harder on finding colleges. At that time, I concentrated solely on going to one college and never had a true back up plan. I ended up going to a very expensive school which I ended up transfering out of due to financial reasons. I would have went to more than one open house and did research on various schools. I do believe that every aspect of my life has happened for a reason. All of the wrong decisions I made as a high school senior have helped me become a better college student. Thank you, in advance, for this opportunity.


If I can go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell my self to get good grades because when applying for school everything is based on your grades and and your SAT scores. I would tell my self plan early dont wait till the last minute to apply for school and if I need help with applying for school just ask. And taking out loans for school it cost in the long run, apply for a scholarship or a grant they do help when paying for school because my parents are not going to help me and I will have to do it on my own. I would also tell my self try to go to a open house tours they do help when choosing for a school of my liken. Stay in the state because it is way cheaper then going to a differerent state to go to school. If you can stay at home stay home because living on campus it cost yes meeting new people is the key but the money spent on dorms and meal can be saved for something totally different.


If I could go back to when I was a senior and give myself advice I would of been more prepared and known what was coming. I would of told myself to start making decisions about where I wanted to go to college at and start looking for scholarships. Senior year goes by fast and I would of told myself to cherish it more. College is a big change and very different from high school. Also, not all your friends will be joining you at your college so spend time with them and your family. I didnt know what to expect or think college would be like. I would of filled myself in on that. It's almost like your joining the real world, without your friends and family, your on your own. This is the advice I would of gave myself senior year.


B- e humble and be a CLEAR opening minded person E- llorbrate all resources, knowledge, studytime, books, energy, strength, courage, reading P- repares for downfalls, stress, unsatisfied peers, tutions fees, books fees, room rent, less sleep time. financial stability R- ead about up to dates daily news, deadlines, facts E- arn a BS, ASS, SS, Certicate degree, and transfer to another university to complete my future career position P- lan future finance income, careers goals, university, study time, educational training A- ttend all meetings, huddles, future planning seminars, all classes registration, R- ecover memory loses, class failures, lost of study time, E- rases all bad thought of what my first year in college would be like, never give up and achieve my best in what ever i do, cut down party time and increase more educational time


If I could tell high school senior self anything about college life I would first and foremost assure myself that I have many options to help me pay for tuition and books and other expenses and to not be intimidated by the price of higher learning. I would sit down with my senior high school self and devise a plethora of payment plans, such as applying for scholarships, grants and loans, offer the option of working part-time or full-time and discuss how to save and manage money-create a budget. Then, after discussing these payment plan options, I would explain how the best way to begin college life is to enroll and begin college courses immediately after highschool ends instead of taking a vacation from eductation. I would explain to my high school senior self that even though I 'm undecided about what career I to dedicate my life to to go ahead and move forward with my studies and reassure myself that many college students are not completely certain about what they want to do for the rest of their lives and that the answers will come as you explore the academic arenas.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to do the best that I can now because later in life it is going to be a lot harder. Take time in my classes and wait to get married after I have finished college degree. Life is too short to stress out through life. Take it one day at a time.


First off to finisha high school. I have just recently finished high school and it was having a child that actually give me that push. i never had any supporters.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior the first thing I would probably tell me is to make sure you put in your request for scholarships and finicial aid in as soon as possible. It is not easy paying for school and at some point parents are not going to want or even pay for school forever. Getting a student loan is hard work , not only is it actually hard to get but its hard to pay back save up now. Another thing I would tell myself is dont think college is anything like high school if you don't show up to class there is no them telling an administrator or prinicple on you. If you miss a certain amount of days they drop you from that class and you still have to play for it. Doing your best is important because you can be kicked out for failing and that doesn't look good and again you still have pay. Also go away to school meet new and interesting people so that in the long run you can have some lifelong friends because you might not find them in high school.


In college, you will have to learn to be much more independent. The teachers will not help you as much and and if you need to make something up, you have to go to your teachers because they usually wont come to you. In general though, college is much more fun and enjoyable than high school. You have a lot more freedom and its more like real life. Don't slack off either. Get all of your stuff done early so you have more free time later. The transition is actually very easy. Much easier than previous school transitions. Just do your best.


I would tell myself that you should plan everything out early. As a high school senior, you are at a time where you have to make an important decision in life. You have to decide what you wish to major in and choose the colleges that would give you the opportunities to do so. After you have taken the first step, you must efficiently act upon those decisions made. You have to make sure that you have obtained the required documents needed for admission long before the deadlines. You should also go to the college campuses to get a feel of whether the environment is appropriate for you or not. Lastly, submit all the required materials for admission ahead of time instead of frustrating oneself over whether the application made it on time or having to rush to get all the documentations needed. It is a much nicer feeling to complete tasks at your own pace and knowing there's plenty of time for it to get there before the due date.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would of told myself to take some advance placements class because that could of prepare me for some of these classes for college because they are tuff. I also would of told myself to study harder for the SAT, so I could of got into a better school that where I'm at now and I would of told myself to apply for scholarships because paying out of pocket takes a toll on your wallet and sometimes your wonder if your going to be able to go to school this semester because money is kind of tight, so I would of told myself to do alot of different things.


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, "I?d say you chose the right path by participating in the Science and Technology program at Eleanor Roosevelt.? From the beginning, the program started the students off by warning how rigorous the course load will be and the serious mindset we were to possess throughout the four years. During the four years I learned much; learned how to manage time, how to dedicate free time to studying, and most importantly, maintaining a focus on academics. Just as the coordinator mentioned, this program is preparation for college. As for the transition to college itself, perhaps the actual college living is something to discuss. Based from the summer program I participated in at the University of Maryland, dorm life is something to note. Homework always comes before any sort of socialization, the only exception is if a study group is formed and work is actually done. As for expenses, scholarships are the way to go. Finances for college are just as important as academics for without them, attendance is not possible. High school self, remember procrastination will mess you up in the end."


Speak up and lose your fear of success as soon as possible. Whatever you think you might be interested in trying out, please do it now because undergraduate freedom only comes along once in a lifetime. Pick outrageous electives and ask interesting questions. Don?t settle for the easiest teachers just to get easy A?s on your transcript. You?ll regret it if you spend a big chunk of your free time learning how to get drunk and survive hangovers. Be friends with people from different backgrounds and different races. Learn from fellow students who seem to be leaders in your field of study, one or two might graduate and change the world. Pay attention to people who look up to you and be generous with your time and talents toward them. Remember, what goes around comes around. Challenge yourself and you won?t have to live with regrets.


Study hard for the SAT.,


If I could go back in time and give myself some advice about college life and making the transition, I would explain the importance of self-discipline. When you think about the years in high school and the age of adolescence, a feeling of being watched over creates a false security of motivation. When in college, these parameters are non-existent, and you can easily be caught up in the freelance atmosphere of college life. With self-discipline, and an undying love for self-preservation is the key to making that transition. With this motivation, say the one you might have for a significant other, to make it work, the only barrier that may prevent you from surviving your college quest is an inadequacy for post-grade school era; which I believe is a mere fallacy for those whom find themselves conflicted by this notion. Strive great, do great, be great!!!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would honestly just have told myself to take it easy and relax on the AP classes and just enjoy my final year of high school. I didn't plan to end up at a community college, Prince Georges Community College to be exact, it just happened. So the AP classes I took, really were a waste of time since I didn't get a high enough score on the AP test for the credits to count. Also I took the SAT and stressed really hard about it when it wasn't even needed at PGCC. There's nothing I would really have went back to say, "do this," or "take that." I probably would have suggested taking a basic math class again to retouch my skills as I ended up taking Pre-Algebra my first semester in college. Other than that, nothing else really.


Dear Keshia, This is a letter that you need to read before you leave for school this semester. Open up those books and go to work! Nothing can defeat and overcome your will and power to learn--not even teachers and difficult reading assignments. Push through. Only you can uncover your deep desire to learn, finish school, and continue achieving your dreams. Please do not listen to your high school classmates. They do not have the experience to help you make the decisions that weigh so heavily on your future. Use trusted sources, school counselors and a college catalog can go a long way in helping you to break through that freshman glass ceiling. Hear with your ears, see with your eyes. Sink into and allow yourself the privilege to fully immerse into your only college experience. A promise of many golden opportunities awaits; I know I can do it! Love, Keshia


Complete all college applications as soon as possible. Also, apply for many scholarships and grants.


I will go back on that high school sit and tell myself two things: First that life is a series of rooms that you cross. They dont have the same temperature, brightness, or space and are filled with different people all the time. Each one of those rooms matters because those people and the conditons around change your life as you move from one room to another. So make the best out of every room and plan for a better journey through the following room. You dont study to make someone else happy. You study to learn something new, which makes you happy. Opportunities in life are for the most part triggered by the people you know and the people who remember you. When an opportunity arises, people think of you only if you made a good positive impression on them; so, make a good impression on everyone you meet.


If i knew what i know back in 2005 when i graduated form high school, i would have taken school more serious. what i mean by that is , when i came to PGCC to take the placement test, i did not take my time because i did not even know what it was really all about. for instance i did not know the test determines what classes one start with. i also did not know i could take it twice. so because i did not take the test serious, i basically started in a very low level . i repeated most classes that i took in high school which resulted in me staying at PGCC for long period of time. if i knew what i know, i would have just stayed at PGCC just for 2 years and transfer because i could not afford a four year instution then. i can not afford it now either but i know how to go about getting loans and applying for scholarships more than i did then. i would greatly appreciate it if i get this scholarship. i am greatly in need for it. thank you in advance. Soukeye Niang