Pueblo Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Obviously, to keep focussed on your academic goals, but to also be much more than just a student. To be an actual person on the campus. To get to know class mates, to really be available to people as a listening friend because more than likely they are going through some of the same things you are such as: frustration towards certian things, stress, anxiety and much more. Be someone that people know as the one who cares, personable, and a sweet friend. Stay true to your goals and your dreams and do not overlook yourself, but make sure to be remember the people who are around you. Don't ever be "too stressed out" or "too busy" for anyone. Be a sweet someone for everyone who needs a little love.


When I was a senior I worked weekends as a waitress and didn't participate in any clubs. If I could go back, I would tell myself to have fun. To enjoy my last year of high school instead of hiding in my room all day. I would tell myself to go out on fridays, even if I worked saturday. The advice I would give to myself is to put myself out there, and make new friends. To join new clubs, and not be afraid of tring new things, because high school is the only place where you can do those types of things. College is where your supose to have everything figured out, so experiment in highschool. So that is the advice I am giving myself now, so in college I remember that I should have fun. If i want to rush I should, and have a great time in college. After college a year round job happens, and you can't go back to college just to try something because you were to scared to.


If I could go back in time and tell myself about college life, I would start out with this statement: “Reach foward, dream BIG and don't be afraid to take a step forward. Just go for it!” As it is simply said, its another thing to do. Dreaming more than possible in the moment only felt that it was impossible. As a senior I was looking up the steep hills of the mountain side, not thinking that I would be able to get to the top. I didn't think that it would be possible to reach the top. What I did not realize is that I had a network of people around me that was there to encourage me. I had not understood the power of connections in my life until I decided to pick myself up, take a step forward and begin trailing up the mountain side; little did I know that others were there along-side of me, encouraging me with every step. Each time I fell, there was always someone right there to catch me, someone to encourage me to take the next step. “Keep going, reach forward, take another step! You can do it!”


I would tell her to just keep moving forward and get the degree you want not everyone else.


I would tell myself as a high school senior to stay focused and continue studying hard, this makes college classes more easier to adjust to with the strict deadlines and long study time needed to be successful in each of your college courses. I would tell myself to enroll in more challenging classes during my high school senior year so I would be more prepared for the levels of college courses that I need to register in order to complete pre-requisites and move on to core courses in college. I would let myself know that college is not extremely hard, and being able to manage my time well and with work and studying will help my be successful in completeing a degree. You have to maintain a good GPA in order to stay on good academic status. Remember anything you achieve in college is a good thing to include on your resume to start a lifetime career. Most of all keep your head on straight, and focus. You will do great!


The advice that I would give myself would be to start concentrating more on what is important in realtion to school and the grades I get. I would tell myself to stop ignoring the reality of what is in my future and instead face it and be prepared for the level of work that will be expected of me.


As a high school senior, I would tell myself to go to school to get a degree and take the time to learn as much as you can about the field you have chosen to go into. Also know, if ;ou find that this direction is not the right fit, don't quit. Take all that you have learned and put it in your bag of knowledge and take what you can use to continue you journey to find your niche in the world and workforce. Accept nothing less than the best from your school and yourself. Like the old saying "To Thine Own Self Be True". Enjoy every minute of learning because learning never stops. Enjoy the wonderful people you will meet and remember that every person you meet is a resource, an inspiration and a motivator, including your fellow classmates. You will find that this world isn't so big after all. What you learn is knowledge that is shared world wide and now you are part of that. Don't limit yourself to what is in front of you. The resources are at your fingertips. Spread your wings and fly.


Actually, as a high school senior i was pregnant and i did not plan to attend college. When my son was born i had a rude awakening and almost immediatly i realized i needed a higher paying job to support him. He was born with amniotic banding syndrome, bilateral club feet, and multiple hereditary osteochondromus so i needed flexible hours and health benefits. Without a college education that would be next to impossible to find! So, if i could go back and give advice to myself as a senior i would have made sure i realized how vital it is in todays world to have a college education so i wouldnt have postponed it at all. I also would have made sure my grades were excellent so i could have recieved more grants and scholarships for school. I think its very important for high school students to realize the importance of planning for your future and attending college, and if i could go into the past, those are the things i would change for myself.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would give myself reliable advice on how I should go about getting my education. I would tell myself that I should try harder in school and to study in the classes that I didn't think was really needed in life. If I were to study more, I would have gotten better grades and not had to take them over in college. This would have saved some time and would have gotten me closer to my degree. I would also tell myself, to pay attention to what the teachers had to say about college and looked at many different colleges. Opening my wide verity or choices I could have taken, would probably have put me furthe into college. This is what I would tell myself if I could go back and talk to myself as a sernior.


This is the beginning of a whole new world for you. You can accomplish anyhthing you set out to do. Not knowing what you want to do is typical of so many high school students, but you must seriously think about career choices and then think again. When you begin college you must prepare yourself. Use all the sources available to you, do not be afraid to ask for help and advice. Remember life can be chaotic at times but you are not alone, there are so many people who want to help. Take some time for yourself to seriously comtemplate all aspects of your life. Give yourself time to explore your dreams, relax, take a deep breath and when your ready -Go for it!


If I were a high school senior again and knew what I know now about college life, I'd give myselfsome good advice. I'd advise myself in keeping up my g.p.a. because of scholarships made available, change my study habits, and concentrate on a major that I have high intrests. Keeping my g.p.a. would have opened several more doors for me as a high school senior. Scholarships are made for ones anticipating college and have had g.p.a.'s of 2.5 and better. In some instances it means receiving money for school automatically. I'd change study times to right after class. studying the same day as class keeps the information fresh in my mind. I'd focus on my work instead of studying while listening to music or t.v. It helps to study in a quiet enviornment. Picking a major because good money is a benifit is unwise. The major should be of high intrest. If i don't like the job I won't be happy. Enjoying how I make a living is important. I could be doing this job the rest of my working life!


Stay in high school it will make your life so much easier. Start collage sooner


I would informe myslef of the importance of school, and extra curricular activities. I would aslo stress the importance of time managment. I would say how important financial aid and scholarships really are. I would aslo say to have fum, and enjoy the high school years a little more, because there is no going back. At the same time I wouldnt change anything, because everything that happend has made me who I am today.


The chance of gong back in time to speak to my self while in school would be a situation of a life time. It would be a chance to correct the mistakes I have made that has drasticly affected my life. The first thing I would do is tell my younger self is to get away from the idiots that I associated myself with. Knowing just how hard headed I am, I know it will be a challenge to get through but I will be able to explain that the majority of my so called friends are nothin but trouble. Next thing I would stress to my self to stay in school. I will explain that life with out an education is extremely ruff, my mother and father are telling me the truth about reality, and that I shouldnt let peoples opinions bother myself. There are some thing what could change with a opportunity like going back in time, and there are others that are destined to happen. My goal if given this opportunity will be to change the lifestyle of my former self.


I'd tell myself, "Don't be stupid! You want a college education!" My generation believed that women should get married and stay home but the economy had different ideas. I didn't know back then that I would need to be employed and that my employment would be more beneficial if I had a degree. I have worked as a teacher in a private school for 17 years. You would think that my paycheck would be decent by now since I have that many years of experience. NOT!!! I have the privilege of almost earning the salary of a 1st year teacher who has no experience. Yes, with only 4 years of effort I could have been earning a lot more during the 13 remaining years that I spent teaching. Also, a college degree would allow me to teach in a wider variety of positions. Don't be stupid!!! go to college and stay with it! It is only 2 or 4 years of your life that will make a valuable change on the rest of your future.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself so many things, to be patient, to save money while I could, to apply for scholarships, and most importantly be nicer to my little brother. Patience?s is something I have learned well now; most would not believe that once I had little, if any. I could not wait to leave my parents home, and now though it was not the best places all the time I sometimes wish to return, how much easier to would be. I have learned patience working with little ones, and working with myself. If I had learned that before life would be so much easier. If I had saved money and applied for scholarships then I would not be scrambling for money every month now, and could focus more on classes. That certainly would make my life easier now. Finally, I would tell myself about my little brother and how if I was nicer to him then maybe his life would be a little easier now, and maybe he would come to me now. That would make his life a little easier now. That is what I would tell myself in high school.


Honestly, knowing what i know today about life after high school if i could talk to myself as a senior and give my self adivce i would have told myself to wait on starting a family as well as looking in to differents schools right away instead of waiting a year or two later. Having a family is wonderful! But i would have told myself to wait till after i had went to school and go my career that way i was set and didn have o worry about anything in life. As for waiting a year or wo after i graduated i would have wen right in to college that way i would have been done get my degree sooner and had somehing going a a young age. Not that i don't since i did wait.. i would have just fininshed sooner with everything.


If I went back in time to talk to my high school self I would tell him that he needs to take responsibility for his future. I have done excellent all through school, but I never had an intentional direction. I am just now starting to realize, with the help of websites such as this one, how easy and fun it is to look towards the future. I am an art major, so I would obviously want to tell my high school self to start thinking in a more profesional way about my art and art in general, to get a bit of a head start. And finally, the last thought I would share with my high school self is not to stress out, that I am capable of accelling at what college can offer me.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice as a high school senior I would tell myself to have an undeclared major for the first year. I have changed my major three times so out of the past two years that I have been in college half of my classes do not count towards my current major because I rushed my decision. I would also tell myself to study harder and not make college such a big part of my social life.


I would tell myself to finish school don't wait till you are 30 to go back and get a degree. I would suggest to move out of town once I finished school to experience life and to enjoy life. And finally set down and start a family.


If I could go back in time to give myself valuable information pertaining to college, I would say save your money. College is very expensive, you will need every penny you can get your hands on. Identify your goals ealy and stick to your plan. The economy may change, your job may be lost, or you could get in an accident; things change. The only thing that no person can take from you is your education. Place value in that above all.


College is great! It is a great experience and something I would recomend to all