Pueblo Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best this about Pueblo Community College is the ease of going through the application process. The people who work in administration and admissions were wonderful. They helped with my classes, financial aid and overall admission process. I was very comfortable starting classes after years of being out of school. The classes and instructors have been professional, caring and concerned over my success as student. The resources available for success are great. The school also is very involved in the community and encourage student involvement. I this is important when going out into the workforce and looking beyond myself.


The best thing about my school is the help made available to students. Students are able to have help by means of tutoring...in any subject or major, help with personal issues through student services, help with financial issues, schoolrelated internet issues, health issues from the med. services, dental help, and even, physical help through the student gym. The ways to receive help from faculty, staff and fellow students in endless. This gives the student the best feeling knowing that he or she can turn almost anywhere and receive help from someone regarding almost any situation.


What I consider the best part about Pueblo Community college is the dedication of the intructors. My instructors in the automotive department dedicate themselves to the success of the students. If there is any students that are having problems the intructors have gone far and beyond the call of duty to ensure that the subject is fully understood and the students are confident that they can perform the task at hand.


The best thing i would have to consider about Pueblo communtiy college would have to be all the different services they have.. It dont mater what he question is if you need help with something they is someone there to help.


I believe the best thing about PCC is small class rooms where we do get a one on one experience. The courses we learn goes in detail of what we need to know when we finish are program.