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The diversity in students and faculty ay Purdue is very unique and statistcally different than the other schools I considered. Purdue Univeristy draws in the third most international population of any campus here in America. This interesting statistic allows domestic students to opportunity to connect and learn about the culture from students all of the world, greatly enhancing their in-school experience.


Although Purdue University has over 40,000 students, they really tried to make me feel like a person and not just a number. Upon touring the campus when I was a prospective student, they demonstrated how "hands-on" their approach to teaching was and that really resonated with me. I was able to see a particle accelerator and I had the chance to make my own concrete. Every other school I visited only gave advice on the best way to get in as if that was the most important thing about going to college.


It is a high quality research institution that offers lots of opportunities outside the classroom to get practical experience.


Traditions are very important at Purdue, which made it a lot of fun. From not walking under the Bell Tower to breakfast club, learning the uniquely Purdue things made you feel included.


Purdue University is unparalleled in taking action towards their mission to ensure that students get the most out of their four years at Purdue. All of the staff at Purdue encourage students to do research, study abroad, and get involved on campus. When I was visiting a different college in Indiana, I asked them about their study abroad program and their response was "We don't really do that here". This shocking statement certainly changed my mind about that school. I wanted a college that would give me the most opportunities; Purdue does.


I believe the accountability that they instill in their students to not only prepare for their subsequent years of education, but to truly prepare you as a person to succeed beyond the university experience and learning. Purdue University has created and sustained a prolonged reputation as one of the best engineering schools in the nation alone says so much, but to continually challenge their students to rise to the standards of Purdue University is what makes them such a great choice and one decision through the ups and downs of life that I will never regret.


Boilermaker Spirit is ALWAYS high!


Internation experiences with study abroad opportunities and multicultural interactions and events.


This school is an accredited, well-known university. It has many opportunities for students and allows students to explore many diverse topics. Purdue University gives students the freedom to explore the world while becoming adequately prepared for the future.


My time at Purdue has been the best of my life so far. I realize in reflection that I have learned and grown so much in the community I have been a part of for the past four years. I encourage all incoming freshman to get out there and have a lot of fun if they attend Purdue. Get involved in one of our many clubs, spend all the time you can around new people, and find your true potential and loves. Purdue has wonderful opportunities to broaden your horizons through your time here. Make sure you grasp everything you can. College can be stressful, but at Purdue there are so many opportunities to make it a great time.


My time at Purdue has been the best of my life so far. I realize in reflection that I have learned and grown so much in the community I have been a part of for the past four years. I encourage all incoming freshman to get out there and have a lot of fun if they attend Purdue. Get involved in one of our many clubs, spend all the time you can around new people, and find your true potential and loves. Purdue has wonderful opportunities to broaden your horizons through your time here. Make sure you grasp everything you can. College can be stressful, but at Purdue there are so many opportunities to make it a great time.


For all freshmen entering college they can sign up for Boiler Gold Rush. This three to four days experience before college starts helps students get a better feel for the campus as well as make new friends so they have someone at school to interact with. It also gives the students an upper classman for advice for classes or possibly for places to live for next year. I complete Boiler Gold Rush and it helped so much because I ended up having classes with some of the students in from my group.


Purdue is well known and a top notch school, it has a very good Agriculture program.


I like the size of the campus and how spread out it is. It is sort of divided among the different majors so one would be spending a lot of time with people with similar majors and interests, but there is also occasionally someone from a totally different background so one can experience new things.


Naked truth: if you're a male in Purdue engineering you can choose two out of the three following attributes in an engineering girl: single, attractive, or mentally stable. It's sad, but fairly true. Sometimes, you'll get lucky, but most times, you need to look outside of your major for some fun.


There are a wide variety of classes, ethnic groups, philanthropic opportunities, extracurricular activities, brick buildings, and career opportunities at my school.


The most unique thing about Purdue University is that even though Purdue is known as a really great school to people out of Indiana. In Indiana, we only consider it another public school.


What unique about Purdue is the layout of campus. Here at Purdue the campus is divided into two sections; academic campus and residential campus. This provides students with a nice separtion of class and student life and only mixes the two when you want.


If you love sports, Purdue is awesome. We are considered one of the best schools in the nation and it's an honor to go here. We are and always will be better than that other school down south!! Boiler UP!!


My school provides a six year pharmacy program that work well for my future career goals. It is close enough and far enough from my permenant residence, were I stayed with my family. As well as I feel that it will provide me with the best education for my field of study.


The most unique thing about Purdue University is the quality of our alumini. Purdue Univeristy alumni includes 22 astronauts chosen for space flight including Neil Armstrong. Also Drew Brees, one of the most popular NFL quarterbacks came from Purdue.


The Purdue campus is very large and has a lot to offer. I chose to come here because they do offer a lot of majors, and going in undecided that was an important aspect for me. I also chose to come here because of the school's reputation; companies notice you if you have a degree from Purdue University.


My mother worked at Purdue and I got to know many of the professors fairly well. The faculty and their graduate students when I attended seemed to be a very good and dedicated bunch, and I have a lot of pride for the university. However, the undergraduate student body left a lot to be desired intellectually. I often wonder what those professors must have thought about the undergraduates from largely privileged backgrounds who placed partying first and academics second. That's had to make those professors cynical.


Purdue has a very open campus, where once you are on campus you feel at home. The fit is just right, and you will know if it is right as soon as you walk on campus. It is very diverse; we represent various countries, states, religions, backgrounds, and people from all over the world. We strive on academics but also making connections for after graduation and for the future especially from our very generous and large alumni. We are all not book worms but sports are very popular and exciting since we are apart of the Big Ten...BOILER UP!


Purdue is a very large campus with a small campus feel. Everytime I walk to class, I see someone I know. With over 40,000 students here, you would think that is hard to do. The community here is very close-knit and the university puts on many events that allows the students to come together. Purdue also offered me more orientations so that I could get familiar with the campus and would not be overwhelmed when I got here.


My dad worked for Purdue and I got a discount on tuition. The atmosphere was also better than at most of the schools I looked into.


Purdue offers multiple majors. If you ever decide to change your mind, Purdue has another major designed for you. It is a big university. It has a lot to offer. Even though I do not really care for Purdue, this school can offer you the world if you let it.


At our school it seems like we have one of the best student bodies. We help each other in class and during sporting events our student section is one of the best by far. Other schools hate playing us because we are so crazy and loud!


Purdue has one of the best engineering programs in the United States. I chose it because even though it is expensive now, the engineering education I receive now will pay off for me in the future. Purdue is also unique because it is much farther from my home (I live in MN) than the other schools, but not so far that getting home over breaks is impossible. I wanted to go out and see the world away from home, which was another deciding factor in my choice to attend Purdue.


There are several reasons why I chose Purdue over other colleges. For one, it had the major of study that I wanted, Computer Graphics Technology (Animation) where no other Indiana school had. Secondly it WAS local which meant in-state tuition compared to paying twice as much to go to the East Coast or West Coast. Purdue provides a unique blend of art and sciences. We are known as an enginneering and technical school, but look deeper and one will find that it is heavily influenced by art and artistic people. Plus, the Purdue name carries a lot of weight.


Purdue is a very large school and a school of that size has so many opportunities for their students. I have already looked into studying abroad and the possibilites of where I could go are endless.


Purdue is a top school when considering engineering. The environment is very hands-on and visual which is what is needed to learn any type of science or course. There are teaching assistant's for every class I have taken, which are always more than willing to stick by your side and help you through a problem. The campus is incredibly diverse, with people from every background, Purdue is very friendly towards exchange students, and major, even though Purdue boasts about it's engineering school it has many other highly accredited schools.


Purdue has such a diverse atmosphere. Every day I meet someone new from a different place in the world. Purdue is very helpful with finding help with tutors or jobs.


I believe my school has an amazing schoool spirit and academic record for every major.


It's hard to tell as I don't know about other universities. Well, Purdue is a private university obtained by the state of Inidana. So, the name suggests a private university, but it is a state university.


They teach a lot of business classes alongside the technical classes.


It is a big school with lots of opportunities but it has a small school feel.


I did not really consider other schools, but great things about Purdue are its Engineering and Math programs. These programs are one of the most elite in the country and truly challenge students to learn the material necessary in order to succeed in that profession as adults. Professors are very approachable and reachable, and they are always eager to help students who want to learn. Another unique thing about Purdue University is the school spirit. Football games, Breakfast Club and many others make up great Purdue Traditions.


It is a big campus that has a small campus feel.


It is a Big Ten school so I thought it would be a positive environment.


It is close to home.


Purdue is set apart from other colleges and universities because it has all the cache and attraction of a big-name school, but without the expense and distance from home (unless you're not from Indiana, in which case "Welcome!"). It also offers a wide variety of majors and specializations, with teachers and professors that make the school one of the best in the nation when it comes to Veterinary Sciences, Engineering, Early Childhood Education and dozens of others courses of study. Being a Purdue Graduate means something, it opens doors and tells others that you are an achiever.


I discuss my feeling and reasoning on transferring to and from Purdue University. My points are generalized at times and specific to Purdue at others. I am in front of a fishing pond near my apartment and campus.


A short video of me talking about some questions a high school student should ask on any college tour. This is in a lounge area on Purdue University's campus.


It's less wooded and less sprawled out.


Both my parents attened this university and as a result I was accustomed to the school pride and already had a love for the school.


Purdue is a unique school due to the challeneging courses, competiveness, and the overall feel the campus projects when you first step onto it. Everyone and everything is very welcoming and helpful. There are several opportunities for everyone to get involved and become part of something special. Several schools have issues with providing healthy food choices, but not Purdue. Purdue's food is top notch. This school allows you to get a good degree while still being able to have a social life.


The main reason I chose Purdue University at it's main campus in West Lafayette, was the financial aid I received for my freshman and sophomore years. I was a little hesitant about the school because of its size and many of my freshman year courses were large lectures. However, once you settle into your particular school (whether it be engineering, agriculture, liberal arts, etc.) you find that the class sizes will decrease rapidly, at least they did for me.


There is a lot of diversity at my school. It also has a very good art program for my major.


The thing that makes Purdue unique is the fact that they are very diverse. This includes professors, TA's, students, and other faculty. Everywhere I go, I always see someone who looks different from me. It is a beautiful sight.