Quinnipiac University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The academics are impeccable, especially for the Health Sciences. Quinnipiac has recently opened a medical school, and they also have a law school. These graduate schools are some of the best in the nation, and only admit the best students. Undergraduate studies prepare students well for their careers, and graduate school.


My professors know my name, the classes aren't too big (25 is the average) but you don't feel like you're the only one in there. A lot of teachers will use participation as part of your grade, but they're really great. Most have real life experience so they aren't just teaching out of a book. The marketing department is great. I'm already being offered internships, the career services here are really helpful if you go out and use it. I like the way the curriculums are set up here (you have 3 to fulfill- university which is like elective classes, your school's curriculum so for business it's into classes to all of the major components of the business school, and then your major curriculum)


Im in the business school and the requirements and work are all manageable. The only classes I've had alot of assignments in are the required QU classes like QU101 journals every other day and papers at least 1-2 times a month.


QU holds its academics at extremely high expectations. They take great pride in providing their students with the education needed to excel in his/her program. Although this is true, every professor is different in how they teach and what they expect, and therefore the experience will differ from student to student. Once you finish your gen-eds and enter into your major classes, the professors who are professionals in these fields are attentive to their students. In my major, I know all of my professors are extremely friendly and allow the students to feel comfortable in the classroom environment. I know I can approach them with any questions/concerns I may have about my grades, papers/projects, and even outside advice on everyday life occurences. The professors treat you as individuals and see you eye to eye instead of looking down on you. Students at QU are competitive and the admission process i know has raised its expectations since I applied 4 years ago. The University's academic requirements are rigorious, but of course this depends on your major. Overall, I know the hard work and dedication I have for my academics will 100% land me with a job the moment I graduate from grad. school with my masters degree.


I could teach better then half the teachers


The Academics at Quinnipiac are very challenging and interesting.


Quinnipiac has some great academic programs at the Master's level. Their Physician and Pathology Assistant programs are very high ranked. I DONT recommend this school for a science oriented four year degree because their science equipment is very outdated. For example we had scopes from the 50's with a single eyepiece!!


classes are small enough that professors know your name and expect you to be in class and participate.


Great! I like that it's a balance of you major and liberal arts courses. I feel I gained a wealth of knowledge. Great professors who care about students. Classes are small. The international business staff of the business school is awful.


Professors are wonderful, always available. I have enjoyed my Broadcast Journalism classes b/c the professor has worked in the field for years. I dont think it is very competative, I think we all want each other to do well. That being said, I think we encourage each other to do better by example. I think Quinnpiac prepares you for the real world.


I was an undergraduate and graduate student at QU. Most professors remembered my name, but I cant imagine they do for all student. Not a negative on the professors. Its been 13 years since I have been an undergraduate, but I do not remember the undergrads being overly competitive.


I love that the class size of QU is relatively small. It really helps the students get one on one time with our professors and feel comfortable getting extra help.


Some professor do know names and others don't. It sometimes depends on how much you kiss ass and how much they care to learn names. I don't really have a favorite class. As for least favorite, that's a very tough call. MA 107, MA 118, MG 210 and IB 201 were all terrible and too close to call a clear victor. To summarize, poor quality educators. Class participation is common. Students can have intellectual conversations outside of class. It does happen but often times, people talk about stupid shit. I don't really see competition as a factor at all. Maybe for sports but duh. The most unique class was MG 210 or as I like to call it, "the ultimate teach yourself". We were out in groups and the professor did not teach. We had to teach ourselves. I don't know why he was paid, seriously. The other group members were pretty good though. I'm an accounting major and It's alright. I think it's going to get bad soon, though. Compared to other departments, it is defiantly one of the better ones. I would never spend time with a professor out of class. The university's academic requirements are crap. The vast majority of classes have little relevance to my major. I think Quinnipiac tries to get people capable of getting a job. However, the classes that are outside of a given major are really just time wasting.


Not enough grad classes offered in Accounting, big plans, no follow through


Love the school of business professors. They will go above and beyond for you, especially if you take the time to get to know them and show them you care about your school work just as much as they do. The do know most students names and work hard to learn them if they don't. QU students rarely have intellectual conversations out of class, there is a lack of depth to QU students, unfortunately. A few students I know are competitive about their grades and being the best in their program. It is also competitive in the sense that students are trying to get the best job possible in NYC for after college. I think the education I've attained at QU will take me very far in life. The requirements have become more challenging and I know my education is highly valued. Students have the option of seeing professors during their office hours or by appointment and professors go out of their way to help students with their classes.


Students are not competetive, everything is for yourself to learn.


I think the academics at Quinnipiac are outstanding! I have had some really terrific professors that are so knowledgeable in their area and boast very impressive resumes of businesses they have worked for. I love being able to walk into the School of Business and have all of my professors from the past 3 years (and even the dean!) to be able to recognize me and greet me by name. One professor I had sophomore year took me and a couple other Honors students from his class out to dinner one night at the end of the semester, which was a great experience!


The academics at Quinnipiac are outstanding. I am in the health science field and Quinnipiac is definitely strong in the sciences. The teacher to student ratio is about 22-1. Professors do get to know your names and you are not just a number on a list. I am on a first name basis with all of my professors and they are very accomodating if I ever need assistance with my work. Quinnipiac professors strive to make you successful, and there are a great deal of opportunities for you at this school.


Do prof. know your name? YES! classes are small, no TAs, and prof def. know you name even after you stop being in their class. Tell us about your fav. class? Im a science major and I was fortunate to have some great prof. I liked Organic Chemistry with Smith and I would take it again, Dr. Clark's Cell Physiology class is great too but really hard. Least Fav. Physics! (i just dont get it!) How often do student study: If you're in science you dont leave the lib, and if you're not, you will only know where the lib is during midterms and finals. Class participation is common and in many classes you get graded on it Do QU student have intellectual conversations outside class? NO! Are student competitive? YES My major is Microbiology and there is not a lot of classes offered. Programs are very developed and its a great school for nursing, PT, PA, OT, AT, but not for other sciences. It is hard to find good teachers. Do you spend time with prof. outside of class? sometimes, all prof have office hours, and they are there and they do answer questions, but there is also the learning center. QU academic requirements are okay but for my major I wish they would be revised and more classes added and a larger variety of classes. Education is geared toward getting a job in the labs but in classes its more learning for learning sake.


Academics at Quinnipiac are definitely what YOU make of them. I can tell you I have had some of the best professors ever here and I have had some of the worst. In general they are all here for the right reasons, to teach. You certainly won't find any professors here simply for recognition or research money, the majority of the professors here love doing what they do and they'll tell you. The classes are perfect in size, the professors always know my name and try to get to know students but the classes aren't so small that you feel you are in the spotlight all of class. The academic levels definitely depend on your major and how hard you like to work. I know people who think the classes are the easiest they have ever taken and I know others who can barely pass them, so its all relative.


Classes are good, the courses usually have very strict attendence policies, its a general thing with the school. Many students take their acadmics seriously and use the library very often. Professors are for the most part very nice and respectable people who are always willing to work with you and help you out of class.


At Quinnipiac the teachers take the time to learn everyone's name, so you feel comfortable coming to talk to them about your problems. Class sizes are most 20 people or less, my smallest class size was 8. Most people participate in class because a lot class disscussion occur. The sociology department is geared to giving students options where they would need grad. school to get a good job or options for those that fear that going to grad. school is not for them. One class that all sociology majors take is a seminar that allows for students to meet people that work in different sociology related fields, which helps give students different possiblilities of what they can do with their degree.


Classes usually have between 20 and 30 students, which is small enough for most professors to know your name. Students study pretty often, most heavily during midterms and finals (it's near impossible to find a place in the library during those times). I don't think most Quinnipiac students have intellectual conversations outside of class. The most unique class I've taken was acting. The academic requirements are a bit unnecessary; the core curriculum includes too many courses of material that students have taken throughout their education.


Professors vary from department to department in terms of competence and attitude. Most teacher seem to care about the subject, and to a certain extent the students, although there are teachers in all fields who do not know how to teach undergraduate students well (i.e grading or assignments), and a few seem interested only in gettin paid. That being said, a large majority of the faculty is supportive of the students who seek their help, and many are great sources of letters of recomendation for the future. The school has been working on making the school more competitive academically. each year more and more students apply to Quinnipiac, so the bar is raised as well. Right now, in 2008, a B student with an 1100 SAT could probably get in no problem, but by the time I graduate getting admitted to Quinnipiac will be much more difficult. the school has a core curriculum which EVERYONE must fulfill, such as taking a fina arts course, two science and English courses, and taking three semesters of the University's special QU classes, which involve learning about the community we live in, locally and nationally. Personally, this set of classes is a huge time waste, and we don't learn anything important. It feels like a political correctness lecture for the most part.


Great classes. All of my professors have been friendly and approachable. Since classes are so small you get to know the kids in your class.


Most of my professor do know who I am, and actually take the time to learn my name.


the classes are small you don't really form a connection with the teachers though


I like how all of the professors know all of their student's names. They care about their students and their relationships with their students.


I'm an Occupational Therapy student and all of our professors call us by our first name as we do them, and that is common within the health science majors, which is a really great thing. The students in my class are very competative but that is not to say the whole campus is the same. The education in health sciences is geared to prepare you for interaction with your clients and peers as well as your superiors in the field.


Quinnipiac professors are very qualified. For the most part, they're great! My legal studies professor is a state prosecutor while my political science professor worked in D.C. for a good deal of her life. This is an advantage for the students because the professors give first hand experiences for the lessons. The professors are extremely accessable. Almost all of my professors are more than willing to meet with me if I run into a problem. They are really great on granting paper extensions and they just really want to see their students excel in the course subject. If you show that you really put effort into your work, your grades will reflect. However, the professors will not baby you in handing in your work. If your late, consequences will prevail.


adjunct teachers are not always qualified or motivated as they should. attendance policies on some classes are ridiculous. Dr Heiferman is the best teacher i probably have taken at this school. He really "gets" it as he doesnt try to trick his students like many do.


I've really enjoyed my classes at QU. In order to have intellectual conversations outside of the class room you have to surround yourself with the right people. My professors have been a great aid in helping secure my future. They've helped me with graduate school applications and helped me to look for jobs.


Class size is about 20. Professors know you and provide you with great opportunities. Class participation increases throughout the years (mostly because freshman tend to be shy). Students are not very competitive. Classes are interesting and varied. My major was psychology undergrad and I was in the 5-year masters program for elementary education. The education program is GREAT! I am looking for a job now and people are SO impressed with what I know. Psychology was a good program because you can explore different concentrations (I/O, child development, social services). Quinnipiac has increased their academic requirements recently. Students are very well-rounded. Education is set up to prepare you for a job. Great internship and other opportunities. These are personalized because professors know all about you.


Quinnipiac says that thier average class size is something like 25 kids in a class, and although I have never once been in a class with that number, never have I been in a class with more than 35 students. For the most part all the professors know your name, although I have had a few really old ones that dont even bother.


Classes are a great size, the teachers are helpful and seem to really put in effort to have a relationship with their students. The school is very competitive in nature, and the curriculums are extremely challenging, but worth it. In the long run I feel I will personally have more to bring to the table when applying for jobs after graduation. Every teacher I've had so far has been more than happy to help me outside of class, especially if I'm interested in declaring a double major or a minor. The workload is very intense, but doable and worth the effort.


I liked the academics at Quinnipiac. I felt that the classes were interesting but that only some people did their work. I liked my professors and felt that they were available for help in general. I liked that the classes were small because if they weren't, I probably wouldn't have gone as much. I didn't think that the liberal arts students were that competitive, I'm sure some of the health science kids were way more competitive. I thought that the requirements were fine, not too hard but not too easy. I felt like my education was geared toward learning but I was in liberal arts so it's not like I was a marketing major.


it differs, but several of my classes have been roundtable style, and speaking up is greatly embraced by students and staff. there will always be the boring old senile professors, but for the most part quinnipiac is about providing a real-world education--i dig it


Classes here are a combination of extremely difficult, extremely easy, and extremely menial. There are teachers who will give you the time of day, teach you a valuable lesson, and help you along, without giving you a bad grade for this or that. However, there are also teachers who have been here so long that it's their way or no way. The programs here are very well rounded, and I would reccomend this school primarily for the intensive English program. OH this school also requires a QU class, which is worth 3 credits each, and you basically learn nothing from it. It's a very pointless class. Other than that, the classes are actually quite nice! very good size and great feedback from teachers. I remember one day I was stuck on an paper, so I emailed my teacher for assistance, and within an hour, he sent me back a whole two pages with suggestions tailor specifically for my paper.


Classes are a convenient size, especially in the media production major. I have an average of 8 to 10 kids in my production classes, which leaves my opportunities wide open. classes require attendance and place very heavy penalty on frequent tardiness and absence, which can become a problem seeing as college students have lives just like everyone else. education is a good mix of knowledge and preparation for a career.


Classes are small, ranging from about 15 to 30 students. Sometimes sections are combined and there is 50 students, but never more than that. Most of my professors knew my name without having to ask. Students are always in the library so studying occurs always, depending on their schedule and study habits. Depending on the class, participation is common. Quinnipiac holds high standards for their students.


Has really good health sciences and business programs. Excellent law program. It just started a Acting major. Have to take a set of university core courses about the individual in the community, freshman one is boring, but for sophmore and junior years there are different sub-topics. Mine was really cool; it was Animals in America, for my sophmore year. For Business majors, many classes require group work and outside class group work. And almost every class includes some sort of writing component you have to complete.


The academics here are great. All of the professors that I have had have been fantastic and have always treated me with great respect. Class participation is greatly encouraged by the professors and they encourage class discussions inside and outside the classroom. The majority of professors are very easy to meet with and will try to accommodate the student's schedule if needed.


The Professors are great. The small class sizes make it a good learning expierince. It's easy to switch your major or minor.


Class sizes are small so you get to know your professors and classmates at an intimate level. I never had a favorite class. I had many favorite professors though. My major is Public Relations and every professor in the communications department deserves the "center of excellence award" that i have nominated most of them for.


Quinnipiac is famed for it's health science department, however, the strength QU has in it's science, it lacks in its liberal arts and communications.


Classes are super small. Like less that 30. The fact that your teacher gets to know who you are really makes a difference. Go to their office hours. Make sure they know you and know that you're trying. Your grade will improve.


I love the professors I have as part of the Honors Program. I have just been taking the basics because I am a PT student, so I do not have much choice in my classes, but the ones I have taken are great.


My major is Veterinary Technology/Pre-Veterinary Medicine. It's a very intense curriculum, like all health sciences majors. I spend almost all of my time out of class during the weekdays studying and doing homework. I'm trying to maintain a GPA as close to a 3.5/4.0 for when I apply to veterinary school. From what I have seen, no other school, whether it be communications, business, or liberal arts comes anywhere close to the amount of academic work that health sciences students have to do. Business majors have a lot of meetings they have to go to, but they still can't compare to the time spent by health science majors hitting the books. Lots of students sacrifice their entire weekends to study, but I can't do that. I need Friday and Saturday night to relax and let loose.


Class usually remain nice small sizes, but defend heavly on the teacher. Teachers are usually nice but there are a few crazy ones.


Full time faculty is very caring and nice while adjunct faculty are horrible