Quinnipiac University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The university is tailored to students. Every weekend there are events, classes are excellent and professors truly care about their students. It's rare to have professors seems like they honestly want you to do well. I've never found myself needing to go elsewhere because I would honestly rather be on campus then be home. School pride is so great that tickets to games, especially hockey, are gone within minutes. Two years at QU have changed my life. I have become much more humble and have grown so much as an overall human being.


I brag about the wonderful professors; they've been nothing but supportive and helpful in my academic and professional endeavors. I also brag about the sense of community at this school. It's a fairly large school, my class alone has around 2000 students, and we also have grad students on campus, but walking through the library and cafeteria I find myself saying hello to freshman (like me), seniors, sophmores, soccer players, professors I haven't had but have met getting coffee! Everyone is so personable and kind, it's hard NOT to become enveloped in Quinnipiac community.


That we are a prestigious University with great professors, great community opportunities, and widely accepted of every one every where, there is always something to do here at Quinnipiac, there is always something to get involved in no matter what youre interests.


Not only does Quinnipiac have a law school but we are currently creating a medical school as well. Quinnipiac, since I first toured the school as a high school junior, has grown from one campus with an off campus sports complex, to 3 full campuses. In reference to my own major I cant stop talking about the opportunities I've been given in the short year and a half that I've been a student. I've volunteer for the CT Post on election night and also been sponsored to join Society of Professional Journalist, all thank to my professors.


When I talk about my school, I always tell people about the social opportunities on campus. While there is a lot of underage binge drinking, the school also offers plenty of sober fun activities. A bunch of my friends have visited me at school and have participated in Bingo night where they give away awesome prizes like a flat screen TV or digital camera. Also, the nightlife is great. The school shuttles drop and pick up students in New Haven to go clubbing or even just to catch a movie. This school has opportunities for every type of fun activity!


The campus at my school is gorgeous, with lush green grass and fountains. Right across the street is a state park, and in the fall the mountains create a gorgeous backdrop for the school's main quad. The class sizes are on the smaller size, and the small campus itself provides a close-knit feel for all its residents.


Haven't started yet. Transfering in for the spring.


The great connections and internship program that perpares you for the real world.


The hott Yale guys you run into at New Haven clubs, the massive amounts of hard liquor no one gets caught for having, and the awesome dorms (which are now only available for freshmen and sophomores).


The party scene and how beautiful the campus is.


cool dorms. mountains. great trails.


good sports teams/ great curricluum/ really nice dorms


Environment, study body, professors, quality and diversity of education.


I brag about everything randing from my social life, the security I feel within my major and chosen career path, my picturesque campus, and the location of Quinnpiac (fairly suburban, but not too far from the city!)


I tell them how many great friends I have made and all of the clubs/ sports that I am a member of.


The radio station.


the campus scenery the beautiful girls/amount of them


Everyone is the same, but it isn't bragging, it's complaining. If I wanted to brag I'd say its as pretty and empty as the heads of everyone who attends.


The technology we have and the look of the campus.