Quinnipiac University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I transferred into Quinnipiac and had done a lot of research into the school beforehand and was prepapred. What wasn't listed anywhere is based on when you transfer you cannot qualify for scholarships. Since I transferred Freshman year I was not qualified, meaning i had to rely more heavily on student loans then I had been hoping to. So it is important as a transfer student and to really look into this.


That there would be a lot of construction and expanding going on. Once it is all done the school will be even more beautiful than it was before but while the constructin continues it's kind of obnoxious.


Before coming to this school, I wish I would have known how difficult it can be to be surrounded by individuals who are more wealthy than I am and who aren't afraid to flaunt it. It definitely was a culture shock for me, but after a while I learned to accept it. Everyone is different and it is perfectly fine that I am not as wealthy as many of the students at this school. I met a lot of nice people who like me for who I am rather than how much money I have.


I wish I had known more about all of the different avenues I could have taken in order to fund my education. I ended up having to work a full-time job in order to be able to pay for school, which at times was very difficult to balance will all of the school work that I had.


I wish I would have known that geting involved my freshmen year would have allowed for me to meet so many more people and get more acquainted with the campus sooner.


I did know this before i entered Quinnipiac. However, I still purchased the Quinnipiac computer because of the on-site repairs and insurance with the computer.


I feel like I was well-prepared when I entered QU. I knew everything that I needed to know about it when I started.


Bar based school


Coming from a dominant Italian town, it was not a problem that Quinnipiac was mostly Caucasian. However, I would have felt a little more comfortable with individualswho shared some of my own beliefs.


I wish I had understood how much money I was really spending. Deciding between colleges at 17 years of age, I only looked at majors and social life. However, Quinnipiac is one of the most expensive schools in the U.S. and while I love this school so much, the loans I have taken out are monsterous and cause me great anxiety.


I wish I had known that the majority of the students at this school drink heavily in social situations. I don't drink at all, so if I knew this was the case at this school, I would have reconsidered coming here.


That it is not a huge party school, and that if I was looking to really party I should go somewhere else.


Meal plan and meals in general are not up to par.


I wish I had known that QU only guarantees housing for students up to their third (Junior) year. I may have considered a school with guaranteed housing all four years, although I am happy with my choice to attend QU.


that it was very hard and i would need to study and always do my work or i woudlnt do well


The only thing about Quinnipiac that I regret is the cost of a private education. I was completely happy with my experience there and I would absolutely choose Quinnipiac again, but sometimes I wonder if I could have been equally happy at a more affordable state school.


How many loans I was going to end up with, and how much money the people around you have, because when they really aren't worried about it it tends to stress you out even more.


I wish I researched the cost more.


i am pleased with the knowledge i came here with


I wish I knew how strict the RAs were.


The work load and how to jugle being a student athlete.


not diverse


Cafeteria is very expensive for food and they don't give enough money for it.


Just how different people from the tri-state area (majority of student body) are from the people I had grown up with in my small Maine town. I didn't think that traveling four hours south would deliver such a culture shock, but I was wrong. I still cannot pinpoint why, but I feel extremely out of place when thrown in a crowd of long island princesses. I've found that when first introduced to a large group of people, not knowing where everyone comes from, I'll still be drawn to the students from northern new england.


College is alot more about studying than partying.


I wish I had known how important it was to know who you are and to come to the school with an unrestrained and open mind.


YES, if I knew what I do now I would have never came to school here.


That I could have taken classes prior to enrollment that would put me ahead of the game.




I wish i had know that this school is not diverse


Campus security is too strict. I personally have not dealt with it but they take their jobs too seriously.